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S_MD_STU_ELL_X (ver 15.10.3)

This table is an extension of the [Students] table

Column Name


Data Type




Number (10,0)

Primary Key.



Number (1,0)

No Additional Services (NAS)

Content_Area_Tutoring15.10.3Number (1,0)Content Area Tutoring (CAT)
Content_Based_ELL15.10.3Number (1,0)Content-Based ESL (CBE)
Dev_Bilingual15.10.3Number (1,0)Developmental Bilingual (DBE)
Heritage_Language15.10.3Number (1,0)Heritage Language (HLA)
Pull_Out_ESL15.10.3Number (1,0)Pull-Out ESL (POE)
Sheltered_English_Instruction15.10.3Number (1,0)Sheltered English Instruction (SEI)
Structured_English_Immersion15.10.3Number (1,0)Structured English Immersion or SDAIE (SEN)
Transitional_Bilingual15.10.3Number (1,0)Transitional Bilingual (TBI)
Dual_Language_TwoWay_Immersion15.10.3Number (1,0)Dual Language & Two-Way Immersion (TWI)
Not_Applicable15.10.3Number (1,0)Not Applicable (NA)
Inclusionary_Support15.10.3Number (1,0)Inclusionary Support (IS)
PullOut_Individualized_Support15.10.3Number (1,0)Pull-Out for Individualized Support (PO)
Self_Contained15.10.3Number (1,0)Self-Contained (SC)
Manual_Control_Item_Audio15.10.3Number (1,0)Manual Control of Item Audio (MC)
Repeat_Item_Audio15.10.3Number (1,0)Repeat Item Audio (RA)
Extended_Speaking_Test_Resp15.10.3Number (1,0)Extended Speaking Test Response Time (ES)
Interpreter_Signs_Test_Dir15.10.3Number (1,0)Interpreter Signs Test Directions in ASL (SD)
ReadAloud_Listening_Test_Resp15.10.3Number (1,0)Read Aloud Listening Test Response Options by Human Reader (LH)
Repeat_Listening_Test_Resp15.10.3Number (1,0)Repeat Listening Test Response Options by Human Reader (RL)
Repeat_Test_Human_Reader15.10.3Number (1,0)Repeat Test Items by Human Reader (RI)
Scribe_Response15.10.3Number (1,0)Scribe Response (SR)
Test_Online_Paper_Unkown15.10.3Varchar2 (14)Is Student Testing Online/Paper/Unknown?
Alternate_ACCESS_ELLs15.10.3Number (1,0)Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Tester
Tier_Information_Paper_Tests15.10.3Varchar2 (5)Indicate Tier Information If Known for Paper Tests
Device_Response_Test_Item15.10.3Number (1,0)Word Processor or Similar Keyboarding Device to Respond to Test Items (WD)
Student_Responds_Orally15.10.3Number (1,0)Student Responds Orally Using External Augmentative & Alternate Communication Device or Software (AC)
Student_Responds_Device15.10.3Number (1,0)Student Responds Using a Recording Device, Which is Played Back & Transcribed by the Student (RD)
Test_Administered_NonSchool15.10.3Number (1,0)Test may be Administered by School Personnel in a Non-School Setting (NS)
Extended_Testing_Within15.10.3Number (1,0)Extended Testing Time Whitin the School Day (ET)
Extended_Testing_Mult_Days15.10.3Number (1,0)Extended Testing Session Over Multiple Days for a Single Domain (EM)
Human_Reader_for_Items16.10.1Number (1,0)Human Reader for Items (HI)
Braille16.10.1Varchar2 (1)Braille (BR) (C = Contracted, U = Uncontracted)
Lang_Inst_Ed_Program16.10.1Varchar2 (6)Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP)
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