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S_MD_SGR_X (ver 15.1.0)

This table is an extension of the [StoredGrades] table. 

Column Name


Data Type




Number (10,0)

Primary Key

Summer_School15.1.0Number (1,0)

Indicates the class was taken in summer school.

AP_Honors_Indicator16.12.3Varchar2 (5)AP/Honors Indicator (Not Required for SCGT)
Course_Subject16.12.3Varchar2 (10)Subject Code
Course_Term16.12.3Varchar2 (5)Course Semester or Term
State_ExcludeFromReporting16.12.3Varchar2 (1)Exclude this Historical Grade from State Reporting
Grade_Scale_Name16.12.3Varchar2 (100)Grade Scale Name
HSA_Subject_Flag16.12.3Varchar2 (5)HSA Subject Flag
International_Baccalaureate16.12.3Varchar2 (1)International Baccalaureate (IB) (Not Required for SCGT)
MSA_Subject_Flag16.12.3Varchar2 (5)MSA Subject Flag
Outside_Of_School16.12.3Varchar2 (1)Instruction Outside of School Flag
Attempted_Course_Cert18.5.0Number (1,0)Applies to CTE identified classes only. Indicates that the student attempted an associated course certification assessment.
Earned_Course_Cert18.5.0Number (1,0)Applies to CTE identified classes only. Indicates that the student earned an associated course certification.
Rigorous_HS_Indicator19.4.1.0VarChar2 (1)Indicates a student has earned at least two credits in specific areas of study with a grade of B or higher.
Concentrator_Designation19.7.1.0VarChar2 (1)Concentrator Designation
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