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S_MD_LOG_X (ver 14.7.0)

This table is an extension of the [Log] table.

Column Name


Data Type




Number (10,0)

Primary Key



Number (1,0)

Student received Corporal Punishment.



Number (1,0)

Student received an Expulsion under Zero Tolerance Policies.

CRDC_Harass_Religion_TF16.1.0Number (1,0)Harassment or Bullying on the basis of Religion
CRDC_Harass_Orientation_TF16.1.0Number (1,0)Harassment or Bullying on the basis of Sexual Orientation
CRDC_Offense_Category16.1.0Varchar2 (4)Offense Category
ELL21.7.2.0Varchar2(1)ELL Indicator
Sec504_Plan_YN22.12.1.0Varchar2 (1)504 Indicator with a string value.
FARMS_Expanded18.7.0Number (1,0)When reporting a Log Entry, this field will specify a students lunch status on the incident date.
Migrant_YN22.12.1.0Varchar2 (1)Migrant Indicator with a string value.
Special_Education22.12.1.0Varchar2 (2)Special Education with a string value.
SPED16.12.3Number (1,0)SPED
Title_One_YN22.12.1.0Varchar2 (1)Title I Indicator with a string value.
Suspension_Date16.12.3DateSuspension Date
Suspension_Num_Days16.12.3DoubleSuspension Days
Administrator_Code16.12.3Varchar2 (100)Administrator Code
Disability_Code16.12.3Varchar2 (20)Disability Codes
Disposition_Code16.12.3Varchar2 (20)Disposition Code
Ed_Services16.12.3Varchar2 (10)Educational Services Provided
Infraction_Code16.12.3Varchar2 (20)Offense Code
Length_Removal16.12.3Varchar2 (5)Length of Removal
Location_Code16.12.3Varchar2 (20)Location Code
Physical_Injury16.12.3Varchar2 (1)Physical Injury
Suspension_Day_Of_Week16.12.3Varchar2 (1)Suspension Day of Week
Teacher_Referral16.12.3Varchar2 (4000)Teacher Referral
FARMS16.12.3Number (1,0)Obsolete. Replaced by FARMS_Expanded.
LEP16.12.3Number (1,0)LEP Indicator - Obsolete replaced by ELL
Migrant16.12.3Number (1,0)Migrant Indicator. Obsolete replaced by Migrant_YN in
Sec504_Plan16.12.3Number (1,0)504 Indicator. Obsolete replaced by Sec504_Plan_YN in
Special_Ed16.12.3Number (1,0)Special Education. Obsolete replaced by Special_Education in
Title_One16.12.3Number (1,0)Title I Indicator.  Obsolete replaced by Title_One_YN in
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