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Attendance Reporting Process – MB School Attendance Report

The following is an excerpt from the Attendance Reporting Process memo dated October 2010 from the MB Ministry of Education describing the average attendance calculation process.
"Schools record attendance daily and calculate the daily percentage attendance rate.
For the purpose of this calculation, a student who attends any part of the school day should be considered present.
Example: 302 students present on October 1 = 86% attendance
350 students enrolled on October 1
Should enrolment change during the month, the number would appear in the transferred in column but would not become part of the total number of students until the following month.
Where attendance is recorded twice daily, as in some early and middle years schools, the number of students in attendance each day would be the highest number at any time during the day.
If there were 352/366 students in attendance in the morning and 341/366 in the afternoon, the school would use the highest number to calculate the percentage (%) of students present in a single day.
For high schools, including alternative schools, a student is considered present if he or she is in attendance for at least one section (class) in a day. The highest number of students in attendance at any time during the day should be used to calculate the daily attendance rate."

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