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S_MA_STU_SIMS_X (ver 15.8.0)

This table is an extension of the Students table and maintains student level data related to the SIMS report.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary key that relates the extended table to the [Students] table.

IncludeInSIMSInd15.11.0Number(1,0)Indicates whether or not you want to explicitly include the student in the SIMS report. Migrates from [Students]MA_DOERptFlag.
LowIncomeStatus15.11.0Varchar2(2)Indicates the student's eligibility for free or reduced cost lunches. Migrates from [Students]MA_IncomeStatus.




Used to identify students receiving targeted Title I assistance services that are non-instructional. Extracted on the SIMS report as DOE030.

Title1Participation15.11.0Varchar2(2)The student's participation type in the Title 1 program, if applicable. Migrates from [Students]MA_PIncomeStatus.
Title1SchoolChoice15.11.0Varchar2(2)Indicates the student's Title 1 School Choice status, if applicable. Migrates from [Students]MA_TitleI.
UnexcusedAbsences15.11.0Varchar2(10)The number of unexcused absences the student has to be published in the SIMS report based on truancies. Migrates from [Students]MA_DOE052.
ELL_SLIFE16.8.0varchar2(2)For SIMS - DOE041 - ELL SLIFE (English Language Learner Student with Limited or Interrupted formal Education)


18.8.0DateFor SIF - new date field labelled Evaluation Date. Not required for State Reporting.
HighQualCarPathwaysProgTyp18.8.0varchar2(3)For SIMS - DOE045 - High Quality Career Pathways Program Type
HighQualCarPathwaysProgPart18.8.0varchar2(3)For SIMS - DOE046 - High Quality Career Pathways Program Participation
IndustryRecogCred118.8.3varchar2(3)For SIMS - DOE047 - Industry Recognized Credentials
IndustryRecogCred218.8.3varchar2(3)For SIMS - DOE048 - Industry Recognized Credentials
IndustryRecogCred318.8.3varchar2(3)For SIMS - DOE049 - Industry Recognized Credentials
EarlyChildhoodExperience18.8.3varchar2(2)For SIMS - DOE050 - Early Childhood Experience
ZipOverride19.9.1.0varchar2(5)For SIMS - DOE051 -  Zip Code override, if different from Home Zip.
CivicsProjectCompleter20.9.3.0varchar2(3)For SIMS - DOE053 -  Civics Project Completer.
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