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S_MA_STC_WARDynamicOverride_X (ver 15.9.0)

This table is an extension of the [SectionTeacher] table and is used to store overridden field values for Dynamic Work Assignment record data when the derived or calculated values need to be modified.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary key that relates the extended table to the [SectionTeacher] table.




The overridden state assigned district/school code if different than the derived section location code.

JobClassificationCode15.9.0Varchar2(4)The overridden four digit job classification code that best describes the type of assignment if different than the derived classification code associated with the teaching role.
AssignmentCode15.9.0Varchar2(3)The overridden three digit code that specifies the specific educational or support activity involved in this assignment if different than the derived assignment code.
Grade15.9.0Varchar2(4)The overridden grade level of the course section if different than the grade level defined at the section.
SubjectAreaCourseCode15.9.0Varchar2(7)The overridden NCES or CIP code that defines the subject area of this course if different than the code assigned to the course or section.
ClassSection15.9.0Varchar2(20)The overridden unique class/section identifier if different than the derived or configured class/section identifier.
FTE15.9.0Number(25,10)The overridden full time equivalent percentage this assignment represents in relation to all of the teacher's assignments if different than the report calculated value.
InstructionalParaproQual15.9.0Varchar2(2)Overridden code that denotes the level of paraprofessional training the teacher has for this assignment if different than the derived code.
HighlyQualifiedStatus15.9.0Varchar2(2)Overridden code indicating the teacher's highly qualified status for this assignment if different than the derived code.
SubjectMatterCompetency15.9.0Varchar2(2)Overridden code indicating the teacher's subject matter competency for this assignment if different than the derived code.
CourseTerm15.9.0Varchar2(2)The overridden two digit state assigned code that defines the length or type of term the course is associated with if different than the term the section is assigned to.
TermStatus15.9.0Varchar2(2)Overridden status code indicating if the term is active or not at the time the data is derived or reported.
ExcludeFromWARReport15.9.0Number(1,0)Indicates whether or not this work assignment record should be excluded or included in the Work Assignment Record Report.
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