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PowerSchool SIF Massachusetts SMP 2.6.1 Release Notes

Refer to 2020 SIF Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSIF-10591SectionInfo: Add Override for Grade Level, NCES ID, Course Level, and School Identification Number

The state has given PowerSchool the ability to override the Grade Level, NCES ID, Course Level, and School Identification Number on the SectionInfo SIF Object. If populated, the override values publish and are used by the state for the SCS and EPIMS reports.

PSSIF-10559StudentPersonal: Setup ZIP Code Override to Publish

On the SIMS page, there is now an override for the ZIP Code of a student. If populated, the override value publishes as the students ZIP Code.

PSSIF-10558SIF Dashboard shows StudentAttendanceSummary under StudentSpecialEducationSummary

There was an issue with the way the SIF Dashboard displayed StudentAttendanceSummary records under the StudentSpecialEducationSummary section. This issue has been corrected and the records now display in the correct location.

PSSIF-10508StaffAssignment: Staff FTE needs to send as 3 decimal points

Staff FTE for StaffAssignment now publishes with three decimal points, in accordance with state specifications.

PSSIF-10471DisciplineIncident: Add Referral to Law Enforcement

A Referral to Law Enforcement checkbox is now available on the Log entries page. If the Referral to Law Enforcement is selected, 3089 is published to the state as the Discipline Action Taken.

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