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Offense Type Codes

Choose up to five offense type codes that relate to this discipline incident.




Sale of alcohol
1020Distribution of alcohol
1030Drinking alcohol
1040Possession of alcohol
1050Suspicion of alcohol use
1097Other alcohol
1100Arson (Setting a Fire)
1210Forging absences excuse
1220Skipping class
1297Other attendance policy violation
1300Batter (Physical Attack/Harm)
1400Burglary/Breaking and Entering (Stealing Property/Unlawful Entry)
1500Disorderly Conduct (Disruptive Behavior)
1610Sale of illegal drug
1620Sale of substance represented as an illegal drug
1630Distribution of illegal drug
1640Distribution of substance represented as an illegal drug
1650Use of illegal drug
1660Possession of illegal drug
1670Possession of drug paraphernalia
1680Suspicion of use
1697Other drug offense
1700Fighting (Mutual Altercation)
1897Other nonsexual harassment
1900Harassment, Sexual (Unwelcome Sexual Contact)
2000Homicide (Murder or Manslaughter)
2110Sale of medication
2120Distribution of medication
2130Use of medication in violation of school rules
2140Possession of medication in violation of school rules
2150Suspicion of use of medication in violation of school rules
2197Other inappropriate use of medication
2200Insubordination (Disobedience)
2300Kidnapping (Abduction)
2410Displays of affection in violation of school policy
2420Obscene written messages
2430Drawing obscene pictures
2440Obscene electronic communication
2450Obscene gestures
2460Obscene language/profanity
2497Other obscene behavior
2500Physical Altercation, Minor (Pushing, Shoving)
2600Robbery (Taking of Things by Force)
2710Bomb threat
2720Fire alarm
2730Chemical/biological threat
2740Terroristic threat
2797Other school threat
2800Sexual Battery (Sexual Assault)
2900Sexual Offenses, Other (Lewd Behavior, Indecent Exposure)
3020Attempted suicide
3097Other suicide offense
3110General theft, Person
3120Motor Vehicle Theft
3197Other theft
3210Physical threat
3220Verbal threat
3230Written threat
3240Electronic threat
3297Other threat
3310Sale of tobacco
3320Distribution of tobacco
3330Use of tobacco
3340Possession of tobacco
3350Suspicion of use of tobacco
3397Other tobacco offense
3400Trespassing (Unlawful or Unauthorized Presence)
3510Vandalism of school property
3520Vandalism of personal property
3597Other vandalism
3600Violation of School Rules (Disobeying School Policy)
3700 - 0011Weapons Possession - Handgun
3700 - 0012Weapons Possession - Shotgun/rifle
3700 - 0013Weapons Possession - Other type of firearm
3700 - 0021Weapons Possession - Knife with blade less than 2.5 inches
3700 - 0023Weapons Possession - Knife with blade greater than or equal to 2.5 inches
3700 - 0029Weapons Possession - Other knife
3700 - 0030Weapons Possession - Other Sharp Objects
3700 - 0040Weapons Possession - Other Object
3700 - 0050Weapons Possession - Substance Used as Weapon
3700 - 0099Weapons Possession - Unknown Weapon
3700 - MA51Weapons Possession - Explosive or Incendiary Device
9000Other Offenses (e.g., Forgery, Extortion)
MA01Marijuana possession
MA02Marijuana use
MA03Possession of illegal drugs with intent to sell
MA05Felony Conviction Outside of School
MA19Felony complaint (charge) outside of school
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