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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Minimum PowerSchool Version for State Reporting -

The minimum supported version on PowerSchool SIS State/Provincial Reporting installer is updated and can now be installed on PowerSchool SIS or later. For details refer to PowerSchool SIS – Supported PowerSchool Versions.


Exclude Students in Specific Grades From EdLink Extracts

LA EdLink Enrollments: Version 3.7
Extracts enrollment and enrollment_ext.

LA EdLink Students Version 2.8
Extracts students and students_ext.

Records for students with a grade level of -4, -5, or -6 (Infant, Toddler, Pre-Kindergarten Age 3) will be excluded from the specified extracts.


LA EdLink Students

LA Edlink Students: Version 2.7

The English Language Learners Accommodation information which is collected on the Language tab for a student is now reported in the Students_ext extract.


Learning Pods Flag- UI - DOE BoY Updates 23-24

A new field, Learning Pod is available on both the course and section pages under the Louisiana State Reporting Information. The flag is used to identify if the course or section is being taught to students as part of a learning pod. By default it is unchecked.


New Field for Truancy Indicator Override

On the General tab of the LA State/Province page for a student, a new field, Truancy Indicator Override appears. You can use this field to override the Truancy Indicator value determined by the Calculate Truancy report (to be available in an upcoming release), if necessary. This field is a drop-down list with the following values:

  • Blank/Null

  • F=Fall - Students who have 5 unexcused absences or 5 tardies in the Fall Semester only.

  • S=Spring - Students who have 5 unexcused absences or 5 tardies in the Spring Semester only.

  • A=All Year - Students who have had 5 unexcused absences or 5 tardies in both the Fall and Spring Semester.

  • N=Not Truant - Students who have not had 5 unexcused absences or 5 unexcused tardies.

  • Y=Yes (Note: This value will continue to be accepted in 2023-2024, but will be removed as an allowable value in 2024-2025).


Report New Grade Values in eScholar Extract

State Student Unique ID Extract: Version 2.0

When generating the eScholar report, the following grade levels will be reported, to match the eScholar specifications:

  • Grade -3 Grade Placement value will report 15

  • Grade -4 Grade Placement value will report 16

  • Grade -5 Grade Placement value will report 17

  • Grade -6 Grade Placement value will report 18

  • Grade 13 Grade Placement value will report EA

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