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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates. 



Release Note

PSSR-313896Final Grade/Reporting Term Setup Needs Additional Fields to Support the Student_marks EdLink Extract

Two new fields, 'Report as Final Mark' and 'Exclude Reporting Term from Student Marks extract' are now available under the Louisiana State Information section of the Final Grade and Reporting Term page. These fields are used by the Student Marks EdLink extract.

If the 'Exclude Reporting Term from Student Marks extract' field is checked, all course marks for this store code and reporting term combination are excluded from the EdLink extract. If the 'Report as Final Mark' field is selected, any marks submitted for this store code and reporting term combination are identified as a final mark, instead of a progress mark.

PSSR-308467Move Old State Reports to the Legacy Folder and Reposition the EdLink Reports

The contents of the ReportWorks State tab have been rearranged. The sections are now displayed in the following sequence: Louisiana EdLink, Louisiana State Reports, Legacy Reports, LASATS - Louisiana Student Attendance Tracking System, MISC, and CRDC.

All previous legacy reports have been removed from the Legacy Reports section, and the following reports now appear under the Legacy Reports section:

  • CUR - Curriculum Database: Version 3.7
  • PEP - Teacher Schedule Information: Version 1.2
  • SIS - Event Collection System: Version 2.3
  • SIS - K-3 Assessment Record 141: Version 1.8
  • SIS - Student Information System: Version 3.8
  • SPC - Sponsor Site Calendar: Version 1.5
  • Student Class Assignment Upload: Version 2.5
  • Student Upload: Version 1.2
  • Teacher Upload: Version 1.1
  • User Upload: Version 1.1
PSSR-312771Selected Values Get Highlighted for the View Only Users at State Language PageWhen accessing the students' State Language page with View Only security, the student’s selected values are now displayed, not a full list of all possible values.
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