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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-261917All States/Provinces: Attendance Change History Report

Attendance Change History Report: Version 1.0
Attendance Change History Report is a new System report that lists the students with attendance changes during the selected period.

PSSR-267750All States/Provinces: Edit School Page - Security updates

Implemented Security updates on the Edit School page.

PSSR-259236All States/Provinces: Enable Digital Equity and Learning Preference in Public Portal Pref Does Not Save

The Miscellaneous page in District is updated to save the Pref to Enable Digital Equity and Learning Preference in the Public Portal correctly.

PSSR-269275All States/Provinces: Health Report Update

Health Report: Version 1.3

The Health report is updated and it runs (and completes) as expected when a medication has a time value entered.

PSSR-252074All States/Provinces: Learning Preferences Code Updates

The following updates are made to the Learning Preference Code definition page:

  • The Alternative Report Code and Set as Default fields are now editable
  • The Edit & New Digital Equity & Learning Preference record page is now updated to honor the Learning Preference Set as Default setting.
PSSR-267527All States/Provinces: Teacher Portal - All Students Page - Security Updates

Implemented Security updates on the All Students page in the Teacher Portal.

PSSR-265894All States/Provinces: tlist_sql/table_info tag Use Update

The improper use of tlist_sql/table_info tags, related to Prefs, has been fixed on the following page:


PSSR-269123All States/Provinces: Yearly Medication Administration Record Update

Yearly Medication Administration Record: Version1.3

The Yearly Medication Administration Record is updated and it runs (and completes) as expected when a medication has a time value entered.

PSSR-257496All States/Provinces: Yearly Medication Inventory Report Update

Yearly Medication Inventory Report: Version 1.1

The yearly Medication Inventory Report is updated, and it runs (and completes) as expected for medications with “Received” inventory.

PSSR-265205LA EdLink Enrollments - Enrollments_ext PRIOR_ED_EXP_KINDER_CARE_CODE Outputting For Incorrect Grades

LA EdLink Enrollments Report: Version 2.3

The PRIOR_ED_EXP_KINDER_CARE_CODE is only included in the enrollments_ext file for students assigned to a grade level <= 0. A null value will be reported for all other students.

PSSR-267285Report Was Pulling Excluded Enrollment Records

LA EdLink Enrollments: Version 2.1

This report now excludes any enrollment records or schools that are flagged ‘Exclude from State Reporting'.

PSSR-268920LA EdLink Enrollments Report Update

LA EdLink Enrollments: Version 2.4
A new report input parameter ‘Promoted Exit Codes' appears for the EdLink Enrollments report. The user can select multiple exit codes that should not be reported to the DOE. When generating the report, the student’s exit code and the corresponding exit date are not reported if it matches one of these identified exit codes.

For students having an exit code of ‘04', '05', or '06' and their ExitDate is greater than the last day of the school year, the EdLink Enrollment report submits the last day of the school year as the student’s Withdraw Date.

PSSR-262709Implement Sub District Functionality for LA EdLink K-3 Assessments Extract

LA EdLink K-3 Assessments: Version 1.8

The EdLink K-3 Assessments extract has been updated to extract records for the selected sub-district.

PSSR-267888LA EdLink Students – Students_ext Updated to Populate Section 504 Data Only for Current School Year

LA EdLink Students: Version 1.9

Until now, the students_ext option for this report was populating all columns related to Section 504 status if the student had a record in S_LA_STU_504SPED_X, regardless of how old that record was.

The report is updated to populate those columns only if the student is qualified for Section 504 during the school year being reported upon. This means that either the “Section 504 Services Exit Date” must be blank and “Classified as 504” must be checked (indicating the status is current), or the exit date must fall after the first day of the reporting school year. This is equivalent to the logic which determines whether a 130 record is generated in the SIS - Student Information System report.


PSSR-262706Implement Sub District Functionality for LA EdLink Discipline Extract

Report Name: LA EdLink Discipline
Report Version: 1.7
The LA EdLink Discipline extracts can now be generated for the selected sub-district.

PSSR-266900Attendance EdLink Extract – Change to Absence Reason Code Values to Be Reported

Report Name: LA EdLink Enrollments
Report Version: 2.2
The Attendance extract under the EdLink Enrollments report now reports the non-exempt Excused Absences with an attendance reason code of ‘02’, the excused absences with an attendance reason code of ‘01’, and no longer reports a value for the unexcused Tardy categories.

PSSR-262712Implement Sub District Functionality for LA EdLink Transcript Extract

Report Name: LA EdLink Transcript
Report Version: 1.4
The EdLink Transcript extracts can now be generated for the selected sub-district.

PSSR-264188Mentoring Assignments Page Update

Staff with a Classification Level of 07 (Resident teacher) are now displayed on the Mentoring Assignments page, irrespective of whether or not they have scheduled classes.

PSSR-265145CRDC 2020-21 Data Collection Changes

The data collection pages related to Civil Rights Data Collection are updated to meet the needs of the 2020-21 reporting requirements.

Changes of note include:

  • A new page is introduced to support sub-districts. It is identical to the District CRDC page but allows the data to be specified independently for each sub-district. Links are available on the pages to edit a sub-district.
  • Deprecated fields are preserved, but moved to the bottom of each page.
  • Note that all links to CRDC pages now point to files that are deployed in the “common” component folder. Page customizations and links added by users should be updated to point to the common pages.
PSSR-266901Staff Edlink Extract – Change to Fields Populating Local_assignment_key and Local_staff_crs_offrng_link_key Fields

The EdLink Staff Course Offering extract has been modified to include the staff ID and staff assignment start date as part of the fields populating the local_assignment_key field. The staff assignment start date is added along with the fields populating the local_staff_crs_offrng_link_key field.

PSSR-262279Updates to the Distance Learning Codes for 2021-2022

The following Distance Learning Codes are no longer valid for the 2021-2022 year:

1 = Louisiana Virtual Courses

2 = 8g Satellite Courses

5 = Dropout Recovery Program

PSSR-262965K-3 & KEA Exception Code Updates for 2021-2022

The values in the drop-down lists for the Literacy Screener Exception code and K Entry Assessment Exception code have been modified to align with the DOE requirements for the 2021-2022 school year.

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