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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-242886District Calendar Events Update

When adding or editing an event on the LA Sponsor Site Calendar Event page, the Calendar Date Type field is now mandatory if the Record Type value is 030 or 050.

PSSR-240492District Course Information Update

The district Course Information page now includes the Immersion Class Language field in the Louisiana State Report Information section. This code set is populated with acceptable values defined by EdLink.

PSSR-243315Duplicate Calendar Events

Duplicate values are no longer created on the LA Sponsor Site Calendar and LA Sponsor Site Calendar Event pages, after the page is refreshed.

PSSR-240491Immersion Language Update

The District Setup page now includes the Immersion Languages code set. This code set is populated with acceptable values defined by EdLink.

PSSR-243993K-3 Assessment Update

The K Entry Assessment Exception Code field on the K-3 Assessment page now includes:

  • Code 06, Description 06 - COVID19
  • Code 07, Description 07 - School Closure (No Distance Learning Occurring)
PSSR-242799LA - Change Homeless Extract Update

LA EdLink Homeless Extract version 1.1

The Report Start Date and Report End Date parameters have been replaced with a School Year parameter, which pulls its values based on the selected term. The report extracts all the homeless service information for the entire school year.

PSSR-241900LA - EdLink Courses_Offerings Update

Report: LA EdLink Courses, version 1.1

The COURSE_DURATION value in the course_offerings extract now reports minutes of instruction instead of hours of instruction.

PSSR-241537LA - EdLink - K-3 Assessment Record Extract Update

The LA Edlink K-3 Assessment Report version 1.1 has been modified to include the status of the new Virtual Setting for Assessment field in the extract. The report displays Y when the Virtual Setting field is selected and displays N when the Virtual Setting field is cleared.

PSSR-240920LA - EdLink Courses Extract Update

Report: LA EdLink Courses, version 1.1

The course_offerings_ext extract now includes the LANGUAGE_FOR_IMMERSION_CODE column. The Immersion Class Language value specified for the course displays in the new column.

PSSR-242796LA - Homeless Page Update

On the Homeless tab, the code 03 description for Type of Student has been modified from Nonpublic school student to Nonpublic school student (services provided during a disaster only).

PSSR-244076LA - K-3 Assessment Update

LA EdLink K-3 Assessments Report version 1.1

The column name for ATL_Reg4_SHARING now appears correctly in the report.

PSSR-246222LA - K-3 SIS Assessment Record Extract Update

K-3 SIS Assessment Record Extract (Record 141) version 1.7

The virtual settings flag now appears at position 58.

PSSR-239113Pre-K Funding Source Update

The Pre-K Funding Source value of 03 - Starting Points is no longer valid as of August 31, 2020.

PSSR-241928Student_Schedules Edlink Extract Update

The LA EdLink Courses Report for Student_Schedules extract has been modified to comply with the latest EdLink requirements:

    • The STUDENT_CLASS_MINUTES and STUDENT_CLASS_MEETINGS columns have been removed from the extract.
    • The SCHEDULE_START_DATE and SCHEDULE_END_DATE columns have been modified to retrieve data from the CC table. These two columns contain the enrollment and exit dates of a student from a specific class. Previously, the data for these two columns was retrieved from the Terms (Year Term) start and end date.
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