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S_LA_STU_K3Assessment_X (ver 22.7.3)

This table is an extension of the Students table.

Column Name


Data Type




Number (10,0)

Primary key that relates the extended table to the Students table.

AltAssessmentReasonCode19.8.2Varchar2 (2)Alternate Asessment Reason Code at Beginning of Year
ALTREG1Curiosity18.8.0Number (11)ALT-REG 1: Curiosity



Number (11)

ALT-REG 2:  Self Control

ALTREG3Persistence18.8.0Number (11)ALT-REG 3: Persistence

Number (11)

ALT-REG 4: Sharing 
COG2MathOperation18.8.0Number (11)COG-Math 2:  Math Operation
COG3NoSenseofQuantity18.8.0Number (11)COG-Math 3:  Number Sense of Quantity
COG4Measurement18.8.0Number (11)COG-Math 4:  Measurement
COG6Shapes18.8.0Number (11)COG-Math 6:  Shapes
KEntryAssmntExcptnCode18.8.0VarChar2 (2)K Entry Assessment Exception Code.



VarChar2 (2)

Literacy Screener Exception Code at Beginning of Year

LiteracyScreenerScore18.8.0Number (11)Literacy Screener Score at Beginning of Year
LiteracyScreenerTestType23.2.2VarChar2 (2)Literacy Screener Test Type at Beginning of Year

Number (11)

LLD 10:  Writing
LLD1UnderstandingOfLang18.8.0Number (11)LLD 1:  Understanding of Language
LLD2ResponsivenessToLang18.8.0Number (11)LLD 2:  Responsiveness to Language
LLD3UseOfLang18.8.0Number (11)LLD 3:  Use of Language
LLD4Conversation18.8.0Number (11)LLD 4:  Conversation

Number (11)

LLD 5:  Interest in Literacy
LLD6Comprehension18.8.0Number (11)LLD 6:  Comprehension
LLD7PrintConcepts18.8.0Number (11)LLD 7:  Print Concepts
LLD8PhonologicalAwareness18.8.0Number (11)LLD 8:  Phonological Awareness
LLD9LetterKnowledge18.8.0Number (11)LLD 9:  Letter Knowledge

Number (11)

PD 1:  Perceptual Motor
PD2GrossLocomotor18.8.0Number (11)PD 2:  Gross Locomotor
PD3GrossMotorManipulative18.8.0Number (11)PD 3:  Gross Motor Manipulative 

Number (11)

PD 4:  Fine Motor
SED1SelfIdentity18.8.0Number (11)SED 1:  Self-Identity
SED2Feelings18.8.0Number (11)SED 2:  Feelings 
SED3InteractionWithAdults18.8.0Number (11)SED 3:  Interaction with Adults
SED4InteractionWithPeers18.8.0Number (11)SED 4:  Interaction with Peers
SED5SociodramaticPlay18.8.0Number (11)SED 5:  Sociodramatic Play
VirtualSetting_TF20.8.2BooleanVirtual Setting for Assessment indicating the student was assessed virtually at Beginning of Year
LiteracyAssmntDetrCode22.7.3VarChar2 (2)Literacy Assessment Determination Code at Beginning of Year
LiteracyScExceptCodeMOY23.1.2VarChar2 (2)Literacy Screener Exception Code for Middle of Year testing
LiteracyAssmntDetrCodeMOY23.1.2VarChar2 (2)Literacy Assessment Determination Code at Middle of Year
AltAssessmentReasonCodeMOY23.1.2VarChar2 (2)Alternate Asessment Reason Code at Middle of Year testing
VirtualSetting_TFMOY23.1.2BooleanVirtual Setting for Assessment indicating the student was assessed virtually for Middle of the Year
LiteracyScreenerTestTypeMOY23.2.2VarChar2 (2)Literacy Screener Test Type at Middle of Year
LiteracyScreenerScoreMOY23.1.2Number (11)Literacy Screener Score at Middle of Year
LiteracyScExceptCodeEOY23.1.2VarChar2 (2)Literacy Screener Exception Code for End of Year testing
LiteracyAssmntDetrCodeEOY23.1.2VarChar2 (2)Literacy Assessment Determination Code at End of Year
AltAssessmentReasonCodeEOY23.1.2VarChar2 (2)Alternate Asessment Reason Code at End of Year testing
VirtualSetting_TFEOY23.1.2BooleanVirtual Setting for Assessment indicating the student was assessed virtually for End of the Year
LiteracyScreenerTestTypeEOY23.2.2VarChar2 (2)Literacy Screener Test Type at End of Year
LiteracyScreenerScoreEOY23.1.2Number (11)Literacy Screener Score at End of Year
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