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Prior Education Experience to Kindergarten Codes

The following Prior Education Experience to Kindergarten codes must be assigned at the student level.




Public School Prekindergarten
This code includes all pre-kindergarten classes in public school settings – LA 4, 8, (g), Title I, Even Start, EEF, locally and/or federally funded. Classes in charter schools and self-contained special education preschool classes are also included in this group.


Nonpublic Prekindergarten
This code includes state-approved programs in parochial/faith based settings.


Licensed Childcare
This code includes childcare/day care cents that meet the licensing requirements of DCFS.


Family Day Care Home Program
This code includes programs in which an adult keeps a maximum of 6 children under the age of 12 in their home.


Head Start Programs
This code includes pre-kindergarten programs operated by a Head Start grantee.


Tribal Schools
This code includes pre-kindergarten programs in tribal schools.


This code applies to students who did not attend any of the above pre-kindergarten programs on a regular basis and remained at home with a parent or guardian.

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