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Creating Incidents: Incident Description

Use the steps below to create a new incident and populate the Incident Description portion of the incident.

  1. Log into the school or district associated with the incident.
  2. Navigate to Start Page > Special Functions > Incident Management > Create New Incident.
  3. If the incident is created at the district level, choose the appropriate school with which the incident is associated.
  4. Choose LA State Reporting from the Incident Type pop-up menu.
  5. Populate the Incident Date and Time based on when the incident occurred.
  6. Choose Time Code from the Time Frame pop-up menu and then choose the appropriate time subcode from the subsequent menu.
  7. Populate the Title and Description as needed for local use.
  8. Choose Location Code from the Location pop-up menu and then choose the appropriate subcode from the subsequent menu.
  9. Click Submit Incident to save the changes.

Note: Additional Incident Description fields may be populated, but are not reported.

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