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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2024 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Clock In/Clock Out Report Enhanced to Include Attendance Code

Clock In/Clock Out Report: Version 1.2

The Clock In/Clock Out report has been updated to include a new column: Attendance Code. The newly added column will display the associated attendance code for each student's record.


All States/Provinces: Discipline Incident Letters Report Display Issue Fix

Discipline Incident Letters Report: Version 1.2

The Discipline Incident Letters report has been updated to display state and ZIP code with a space, removing extra periods from addresses and the carat displaying in the "smart pronoun" tag has been fixed.


All States/Provinces: Hepatitis B Vaccine Compliance Issue Fix

The compliance logic has been updated and will now correctly evaluate the student as compliant if the 3rd dose was given 24 weeks after the student's DOB.


All States/Provinces: Student Screen Access checkboxes removal from Group Security

The Student Screen Access checkboxes have been removed from the Group Security settings page in PowerSchool version 24.5.0. Due to this change, Compliance pages have been updated and page permissions will be automatically created or updated based on the existing settings on the group.

Refer to the Deprecation of studentscreenaccess DAT in SIS article in Community for more information.


All States/Provinces: Security Groups - Accessible Incident Types

Security Groups: Accessible Incident Types will now have only Incident Types as defined in District Management → Incident Type Setup

User to rerun the District Info-> Load Incident Code/Subcode to load the Incident Type


Ed-Fi: Resource creation and publishing

Created the following category and resources to publish data to the state, using the Ed-Fi 4.x base profile.

Schedules: Version 1.0

Created a “Schedules” category to publish Course Offering and Section resources data to the state.

  • Course Offering: This is to enable schools to be able to submit CourseOffering records which are intended to hold the relationship between a local course and its state course equivalent where such exists.

  • Sections: A section represents a setting where organized instruction of course content is provided to one or more students for a given period of time, whether in-person or otherwise.

Enrollment: Version 1.0

Created “Enrollment” category to publish StudentSchoolAssociation and StudentEducationOrganizationResponsibilityAssociation resources data to the state.

  • Student School: This association indicates where the student is being served and for what reason, the enrollment begin and end dates, and various characteristics that apply to the specific enrollment period (such as the grade level or the membership).

  • StudentEducationOrganizationResponsibility: This association indicates a relationship between a student and an education organization other than an enrollment relationship, and generally indicates some kind of responsibility of the education organization for the student.

Student Identification: Version 1.0

  • Created “Student Identification” category to publish Student resource data to the state.

Student Sections: Version 1.0

  • Created “Student Sections” category to publish Student section resource data to the state. This association indicates the course sections to which a student is assigned. 

Additional References: PSSR-337402 , PSSR-332220, PSSR-336175, PSSR-332216, PSSR-340517, PSSR-343573, PSSR-342643, PSSR-344159, PSSR-343231, PSSR-341491.


ENRL-Update D29. High School Credits Earned To Auto Calculate

Exit Report: Version 4.4

In the report, High School Credit Earned will be extracted from D29. High School Credits Earned Override. If the override field is blank, then High School Credit Earned will be calculated based on cumulative_credit_hours function.


SMSC Collection D22 Attendance Doesn't Match ADA/ADM Report

The SMSC Collection attendance data now accurately matches the ADA/ADM report. The Cumulative Number of Days Attended in the SMSC Collection report is now aligned with the ADA for the student in the ADA/ADM report.


Validation: D62. Dyslexia Subtest and D63. Dyslexia Spring Benchmark Performance Level

Updated validation alert message for D62. Dyslexia Subtest and D63. Dyslexia Spring Benchmark Performance Level as per DOE requirement.

Validation Message for D62. Dyslexia Subtest:

  • When Dyslexia Screener is 00, then the value allowed is 00.

  • When Dyslexia Screener is 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, or 08 then the value allowed is 01, 02, 03 or 04.

Validation Message for D63. Dyslexia Spring Benchmark Performance Level:

  • When Dyslexia Subtest is 00, then the value must be 00.

  • When Dyslexia Subtest is 01, 02, or 04, then the value must be 01 or 02.

  • When Dyslexia Subtest is 03, then the value must be 11, 12, 21, or 22.

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