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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Attendance Profile Report Printing Issue Update

Attendance Profile Report: Version 1.9

The report has been updated and will no longer print blank pages between pages containing student data.


All States/Provinces: Yearly Medication Inventory Report ORA-00904 Error Update

Yearly Medication Inventory Report Version: 1.3
The yearly medication inventory report has been updated and will now run (and complete) as expected.


CRDC - Optional - Add New Fields for COUR-18 and COUR-19 Questions to CSV and Audit Reports

New columns for 'Course Data Science” and “Num of Classes Data Science” have been added into the student, school and class audit reports, and the school csv files to capture the information for items Cour-18 and Cour-19.


CRDC - Optional - Add New Fields For Wi-Fi Usage to School PDF Report

The CRDC 2021-2022 Collection requires additional data elements to be reported in the school PDF report.

The new fields that are added to the school PDF report are:

  • Students who needed Wi-Fi enabled devices from the school

  • Students who received Wi-Fi enabled devices from the school

  • Students who needed a Wi-Fi hotspot from the school

  • Students who received a Wi-Fi hotspot from the school


CRDC 2021-2022: Add Disaggregation by Section 504 to DISC-4 Preschool Corporal Punishment

The CRDC 2021-2022 report requires additional disaggregation by Section 504 to the DISC-4 Preschool Corporal Punishment item.

  • Added disaggregation by Section-504 to DISC-4 in the school pdf report.

  • Added SCH_PSDISC_CORP_504_M and SCH_PSDISC_CORP_504_F columns in the school csv report.


CRDC 2021-2022: Optional - Include Disaggregate Data Groups by Non-Binary Sex Value on School csv file for ARRS-2

CRDC Report (2021-2022) Version: 1.0

The 2021-2022 CRDC school report will now have a third value of Non-Binary, identified with a gender value of 'X' for the many data categories that were disaggregated by Male and Female counts. These data categories will now have a third row for Non-Binary (value of 'X' ) which will appear below the 'Female’ row if the LEA has indicated on the CRDC LEA page that they report Non-Binary genders.

If the LEA has indicated that they do not report Non-Binary genders, then the data categories will be disaggregated by sex into Male and Female counts only.


KIDS Collection Report Updates: D39. K-12 At Risk Program Participation

KIDS Collection ASGT Report: Version 2.3

KIDS Collection ENRL Report: Version 4.0

KIDS Collection reports mentioned above are updated to extract the D39. K-12 Kansas At-Risk Program Participation field for preschool students (grade level less than 0=KG). If the field is blank it defaults to 0 in the extract output.


CTE Certification Code Update

The following new options were added to the CTE Certification Code:

  • 1160: Broadband Installer

  • 1159: Paramedic Certification

  • 1158: Health Information Technician 

  • 1157: Health Coder Certification

  • 1156: Federal Aviation Administration - Aviation Maintenance Technician – Power plant

  • 1155: Federal Aviation Administration - Aviation Maintenance Technician – Airframe

  • 1154: MBA Research & Curriculum Center 2-Credit Finance Program-of-Study Exam

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