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PowerSchool Ed-Fi Reporting Page

The PowerSchool Ed-Fi Reporting page presents data grouped first by transaction type (Download Data, Publish Data), and then by category. Within each category, one or more data views allow the user to inspect the key contents of the Ed-Fi data that has been downloaded or published to the state, and to manage and monitor the Ed-Fi publishing process.

What are Ed-Fi Categories?

Ed-Fi consists of a series of standard schemas, which define the structure of the XML that transports the data between systems. The Ed-Fi categories are transparent to the user and serve as "wrappers" for publishing resources to the state Ed-Fi Operation Data Store (ODS). As each state's Ed-Fi implementation is unique, only the categories currently used by Kansas are listed below.

What are Ed-Fi Resources?

Ed-Fi resources are persons, places, events, objects, or concepts about which data can be collected. An resource provides context for a data element, for example, K12 Student, K12 Staff, School, Program, etc. To supplement the standard Ed-Fi resources, the Kansas Department of Education has defined custom extensions to capture additional state-specific data. Only the resources used by Kansas are listed below.

The following table maps the PowerSchool Ed-Fi Reporting page data categories and views to their associated Ed-Fi resources. The remainder of the Ed-Fi Reference documentation follows a similar model with content presented in the order listed below.

Ed-Fi Category


Data View

Ed-Fi Resource

Download Data

State Codes (Descriptor)

This category captures the descriptors defined by the state and used in subsequent publishing to the state..

Downloaded Code Set Summary


Downloaded Code Set Values

Organization Catalog

The Organization Catalog carries education organizations, their structure, and their education offerings. It is used to exchange education organization information about a state's schools, Local Education Agencies (LEAs), Education Service Centers (ESCs), and others.

Districts and Schools


localEducationAgency (LEA)


State Course Catalog

The State course catalog list the courses in the Course resource. This enables schools to be able to submit CourseOffering records which are intended to hold the relationship between a local course and its state course equivalent where such exists.

State Course Listing


Publish Data

Organization Info

This view captures the sessions/terms defined at each school within the district as published in the Session resource within the Organization Info category

Sessions (Terms)


This view captures the grading periods defined at each school within the district as published in the gradingPeriod resource within the Organization Info category. The layout provides the School Name, Name of Term, First Day of Term, Last Day of Term, Last Publish Date, and the Publishing ID.

Grading Periods


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