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General Setup

General Setup is used to configure real-time Data Exchange for enabled profiles. Setting information can vary for your state. Refer to your state documentation for state-specific settings.

General Options

System Enabled

The system enabled radio buttons are set to Off by default. To enable the system, click the On radio button. If the system enabled is set to Off, then all operations are halted and no changes will be collected.

Logging Options

These options should remain set to the default values, unless instructed otherwise. If problems exist and you need to determine the cause of the problem, select the checkbox to enable Warnings, Info and/or Diagnostic information. Recorded information is stored in the database and in system log files. Depending on what has been enabled, the message will be logged or discarded. Some diagnostic information can be very detailed or difficult to understand. In most cases, this additional detailed information may only be useful to PowerSchool Support and Development teams.

Errors - records errors in reports and data to the logs. This option is always selected.
Warnings - records warnings to the logs. These are less severe than errors, but could still prevent data from transferring correctly to or from the education agency's portal. This option is deselected by default.
Info - records detailed information on the errors and/or warnings to the logs. This option is deselected by default.
Diagnostic - records information related to the causes of errors and warnings to the logs. This option is deselected by default.

Job Processing Frequency

This is used to tune how often the different processors for the DEX Integration runs. Specify a job processing frequency (Low, Standard, or High) from the dropdown menu. The default setting is Standard.

Purge Policy

This is used to remove obsolete records from some DEX specific tables in the PowerSchool database. Specify a purge frequency (Aggressive, Typical, or Seldom) from the dropdown menu. The default setting is Typical.

Simultaneous Connections

This is used to set the number of connections for the DEX. PowerSchool recommends leaving this setting at the default value of 5.


From the dropdown menu, select the data exchange profile. In most cases there will only be one profile listed. 

Communication Settings

Important Note: All Communication Settings, including LEA settings, are profile specific. Ensure that you have selected the correct profile before making changes to the following settings.

Data Exchange URL

Enter or verify the URL number for the Data Exchange endpoint.

Authentication URL

Enter or verify the URL for your authentication.

School Years

Specify the school years to publish by selecting the checkbox next to the school year.

Service Options

Specify the service option by selecting the checkbox next to the service. Not every implementation will have the same options. Only the options that are supported by the profile are available.

  • Data Changes - Enables tracking of changes made to records within PowerSchool to automatically publish those changes to the education agency's endpoint.

  • Download - Enables downloading of data from education agency's endpoint and stores that data into the database.

  • Publish - Enables publishing of data from PowerSchool to the education agency's endpoint.

  • Unique ID - Enables the ability to request Unique ID's from the education agency's endpoint.

Lea Settings

Click Configure to access the LEA settings.

LEA Enabled

Select Yes to enable publishing for the LEA.

Authentication Key

Enter or verify the LEA authentication key.

Authentication Secret

Enter or verify the LEA authentication secret.

Test Connection

PowerSchool recommends that you test your connection after completing these communication settings. Click Test Connection. A message appears to inform you whether or not the test was successful. Click the Save button to record your settings once the test is successful.

Restore Defaults

This turns the system off and replaces all communication settings with default settings, which may be different from the ones you have entered. The system will alert you to confirm the action of restoring default values. PowerSchool recommends that you record any current settings prior restoring default values.

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