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CRDC Specific to Kansas: S_STU_CRDC_X (ver 15.1.0)

This table is an extension of the [Students] table and provides CRDC-specific fields for Kansas. To view additional CRDC fields used by all states, refer to S_STU_CRDC_X in the All States Data Dictionary.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary Key.

ACT_YN16.3.0VarChar(2)1Did the student take the ACT.  Migrated from [Students.CRDC_ACT_YN].
APExam16.3.0VarChar(2)1Status of AP exams taken. Migrated from [Students.CRDC_APExam].
APExamPassed16.3.0VarChar(2)1Status of AP exams passed.  Migrated from [Students.CRDC_APExamPassed].




Exclude student from CRDC reporting.

GEDPrepProgram_YN16.3.0VarChar(2)1Does the student participate in a GED preparation program. Migrated from [Students.CRDC_GEDPrep_Program_YN].
GEDPrepProgramCred_YN16.3.0VarChar(2)1Students who received a high school equivalency credential after participating in a GED prep program. Migrated from [Students.CRDC_GEDPrepProgramCred_YN].
IBDiplomaProgram_YN16.3.0VarChar(2)1Is the student enrolled in an IB Program. Migrated from [Students.CRDC_IBDiplomaProgram_YN].
IDEA_YN16.3.0VarChar(2)1Does the student have a disability?  Migrated from [Students.CRDC_IDEA_YN].
SAT_YN16.3.0VarChar(2)1Did the student participate in SAT Reasoning Test. Migrated from [Students.CRDC_SAT_YN].

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