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Best Practices

For best results when running Kansas State Reports, consider the following:

  • Keep PowerSchool up-to-date, by applying PowerSchool updates as well as State Reporting updates.
  • Use PowerTools from PowerSource. This tool can show you where there could be potential data issues.
  • Run Data Validation Reports: System > Special Operations. In the Operation field select Data Validation Reports. The Param 1, Param 2, and Code fields are blank. Click on which report you want to run. On the Reports Run page, select Yes for Display Header.
  • Read the Kansas state-specific Release Notes and All States Release Notes.
  • Read the Kansas Tech Notes located on PowerSource.
  • Run reports that calculate Unexcused Absences early in the school year to verify the attendance setup is correct. These reports are Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data, Refresh Attendance Tracking, Truancy and Attendance Levels Reached.
  • Run reports in advance of submission windows opening. Be sure to run all of the Kansas State Reports before running the End of Year process. Some reports do not return accurate results when run for a previous year. If the Kansas State Reports cannot be run prior to the running the End of Year process, take a datapump before running the End of Year process. This will allow you access to all of the previous year's data and run the Kansas State Reports. Contact PowerSchool Support for help with taking a datapump or applying the data.
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