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S_IL_HDM_X (ver 20.9.3)

This table is an extension of the HealthStudDiabetesMonitor table.

Table fields are used  in the Diabetes Screening section of the State of Illinois, Certificate of Child Health,

Column NameVersionData TypeDescription
HeaHealthStudDiabetesMonitorId20.9.3Number(19,0)Primary Key that relates the extended table to the HealthStudDiabetesMonitor table
At_Risk_TF20.9.3Number(1,0)indicates at risk
BMI_GT_Pct_Age_Sex_TF20.9.3Number(1,0)Indicates a BMI > 85% for age/sex

Indicates Ethnic Minority

Family_History_TF20.9.3Number(1,0)Indicates Family History
Insulin_Resistance_TF20.9.3Number(1,0)Indicates Insulin Resistance

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