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CRDC specific to Illinois: S_SCH_CRDC_X (ver 16.6.2)

This table is an extension of the [Schools] table and provides CRDC-specific fields for Illinois. To view additional CRDC fields used by all states, refer to S_SCH_CRDC_X in the All States Data Dictionary.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary key that relates the extended table back to the [Schools] table.




Indicates whether or not the entire school population participates in a magnet school program. Migrates from [Schools]CRDC_AllMagnetOnly_YN.
AlternativeSchool_YN16.6.2VarChar2(1)Indicates whether or not the school is an alternative school. Migrates from [Schools]CRDC_AlternativeSchool_YN.
AlternativeSchoolAcademic_TF16.6.2Number(1,0)Indicates whether or not the alternative school serves students with academic difficulties. Migrates from [Schools]CRDC_AlternativeSchoolAcademic_TF.
AlternativeSchoolDiscipline_TF16.6.2Number(1,0)Indicates whether or not the alternative school serves students with discipline problems. Migrates from [Schools]CRDC_AlternativeSchoolDiscipline_TF.
APSelfParticipate_YN16.6.2VarChar2(1)Indicates whether or not the students can self-select to participate in AP courses. Migrates from [Schools]CRDC_APSelfParticipate_YN.
CharterSchool_YN16.6.2VarChar2(1)Indicates whether or not the school is a charter school. Migrates from [Schools]CRDC_CharterSchool_YN.
ForDisabilities_YN16.6.2VarChar2(1)Indicates whether or not the school is a special education school. Migrates from [Schools]CRDC_ForDisabilities_YN.
InterschAthletics_YN16.6.2VarChar2(1)Indicates whether or not the school has interscholastic athletics. Migrates from [Schools]CRDC_InterschAthletics_YN.
InterschParticipantsF16.6.2Number(11,0)Count of interscholastic female only participants. Migrates from [Schools]CRDC_InterschParticipantsF.
InterschParticipantsM16.6.2Number(11,0)Count of interscholastic male only participants. Migrates from [Schools]CRDC_InterschParticipantsM.
InterschSportsF16.6.2Number(11,0)Count of interscholastic female only sports. Migrates from [Schools]CRDC_InterschSportsF.
InterschSportsM16.6.2Number(11,0)Count of interscholastic male only sports. Migrates from [Schools]CRDC_InterschSportsM.
InterschTeamsF16.6.2Number(11,0)Count of interscholastic female only teams. Migrates from [Schools]CRDC_InterschTeamsF.
InterschTeamsM16.6.2Number(11,0)Count of interscholastic male only teams. Migrates from [Schools]CRDC_InterschTeamsM.
MagnetSchoolOrProgram_YN16.6.2VarChar2(1)Indicates whether or not the school is a magnet school or operates a magnet program within the school. Migrates from [Schools]CRDC_MagentSchoolOrProgram_YN.
ProvidesUngraded_YN16.6.2VarChar2(1)Indicates whether or not the school has ungraded students. Migrates from [Schools]CRDC_ProvidesUngraded_YN.

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