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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: System Reports Missing - UpdateThe reposchema is updated with a precondition to ensure the script runs (at the correct time); This will ensure all reports load as expected on the System Reports tab.
PSSR-306468Age out Exemption Code To Be Added Under Exemptions

A new Age Out immunization exemption has been seeded and can be used for students that have “aged out” of the time period for which they should have received certain vaccine doses.


  • Exemption Name: Age Out
  • Exemption Code: AgeOut
  • State Detail Report Code: AgeOut

Districts that already have an exemption in place for this scenario or districts that manually create the exemption (if it wasn’t seeded to an existing exemption with a similar name) must ensure the State Detail Report Code value is as follows for accurate immunization reporting:

  • State Detail Report Code: AgeOut

Note: In order to avoid possible duplicate exemptions, the exemption will not be seeded if an exemption already exists with one of the following strings in the Exemption Name field:

  • Age Out
  • AgeOut
  • Aged out
  • Agedout
  • Age
PSSR-287205CRDC - LEP Enrolled Calculation Logic Update

ID CRDC Report: Version 1.4.2

The logic for the LEP Qualified and LEP Enrolled elements have been updated, and now both will honor the Snapshot Date. This will prevent LEP Enrolled values that are higher than the LEP Qualified number.

PSSR-306471Immunization Report Update - Age Out Exemption

Immunization Report: Version 1.8

Updated the report to now report students with the “Age out” exemption as “Adequately Immunized” for sections G-N.

Students that have this exemption for all vaccines will be reported as “Adequately Immunized” in section A.

PSSR-306698Student Course Enrollment Beta Report Update

Student Course Enrollment Report: Version 6.5

Updated the following to the two versions of the Student Course Enrollment reports on the State Reports tab:

  • The original version of the Student Course Enrollment report has been deprecated and no longer shows on the State Reports tab.
  • The beta version of the Student Course Enrollment report has been updated and now no longer displays the word “Beta” in the report name.
    • Note: This is now the version of the report districts should be running.

Additional Note: The older (original) version of the Student Course Enrollment report can still be accessed in the v12 versions of the ISEE reports section at the bottom of the State Reports tab.

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