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Load Incident Types, Codes & Subcodes

Use the steps below to automatically load incident types, codes and subcodes.

  1. Navigate to Start Page > District Setup > District Info.
  2. Click Load Codes and Subcodes. This link is only available if the Idaho Incident Management configuration file has not been loaded. If the file has already been loaded, the message "Load is complete" appears.
  3. Select the Load Codes/Subcodes checkbox to load Idaho incident values.
  4. Click Submit. The PowerSchool task master application is updated with the values on the hour or when PowerSchool is re-launched. At that time, the PowerSchool log window displays a Complete or Failure message. If more than one PowerSchool application exists in a server array, see article 56478 on PowerSource.
  5. Navigate to Start Page > System > Security > Groups.
  6. Modify the appropriate security groups to allow access to the SDFS Reportable incident type. See the PowerSchool Online Help or Incident Managementfor more information.
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