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Incident Management: Action Attribute Codes

CategoryState Aggregated Report CodeDisplay OrderSubcodeState Detail Report CodeReportableAllow Comment
Corporal PunishmentCRDCCP5This code has at least one subcode.CRDCCP  
Handcuffed/Mechanical RestraintCRDCMR8This code has at least one subcode.CRDCMR  
Physical RestraintCRDCPR9This code has at least one subcode.CRDCPR  
School Related ArrestCRDCSRA6This code has at least one subcode.CRDCSRA  
SeclusionCRDCS10This code has at least one subcode.CRDCS  
Transferred to an Alternate BuildingCRDCTAB7This code has at least one subcode.CRDCTAB  
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