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How to Assign a District Calendar to a School or Student

Once you create district calendars with the appropriate days, you must assign the calendars to the appropriate schools and/or students. This step typically only applies to students in a regular school whose schedule dictates that they must be assigned to a Kindergarten or Dual Enrolled calendar.

Each school must be assigned a default calendar via Start Page > District Setup > Schools/School Info > Edit School > Default District Calendar. To have the school calendar used by default, select the option in this list that shows the local school number and the description of "Default School Calendar. Otherwise you should assign the district calendar that applies to the majority of students in the school

If the default calendar set for the school does not apply to all students in that school, then assign the appropriate calendar to students individually via Start Page > Student > State/Province - ID > Student Information > District Calendar ID.

Note: The appropriate default school must also be assigned to each district calendar. Start Page > District Setup > District Info > Click HERE to Create/Edit Idaho District Calendar Information > Edit ID District Calendar > Default School Calendar to use for ISEE Extracts.

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