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CRDC Staff Setup

The following data elements are required for staff setup. The first three pages of navigation are removed for brevity:

Start Page > Staff > [Select Staff Member].

  1. On the Start Page, click Staff.
  2. Select a staff member or New Staff Entry.
  3. Select Edit Information for existing staff members.

Data Element

Additional Information


Information > Edit Information > HQT


Select the endorsement that the teacher/staff member.

A record will be created for each endorsement a teacher/staff member has.


Qualification Reason

If the teacher/staff member is HQT, select the method in which they obtained that status.

Note: Required for HQT teachers/staff. Not required for non HQT teachers/staff.


Record Start Date

Enter the Certification date.

Note: Required for all records.


Record End Date

Enter the certification end date. This date can be left blank if there is no known end date.

Note: Required for records that are no longer current.


Means to HQT

If the teacher/staff member is not HQT, select the means by which they will obtain HQT status.

Note: Required for non HQT teachers/staff.


Expected Date for HQT

Enter the date the teacher/staff member is expected to become HQT

Note: Required for non HQT teachers/staff.


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