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At-Risk Indicators



At-Risk A

Has repeated at least 1 grade.

At-Risk B

Has 10% (or greater) absenteeism during the previous semester.

At-Risk C

Has a GPA less than 1.5 prior to enrolling in an alternate secondary program.

At-Risk D

Has failed 1 or more academic subjects.

At-Risk E

Is 2 or more semester credits, per year, behind the required graduation rate.

At-Risk F

Is an LEP student who has not been in a program more than 3 years.

At-Risk G

Has substance abuse behavior.

At-Risk H

Is pregnant or a parent.

At-Risk I

Is an emancipated youth.

At-Risk J

Is a previous dropout.

At-Risk K

Has serious personal, emotional, or medical problems.

At-Risk L

Is a court or agency referral.

At-Risk M

Upon recommendation of the district as determined by locally developed criteria for disruptive student behavior.

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