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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2024 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States: CDC Varicella Immunization Policy Update

The Varicella CDC policy has been updated to be considered valid if the second dose was given after a minimum of four weeks of the first dose.


All States: CRDC Column Header Update

2021-2022 CRDC Report: Version 1.1

The column headers for SCH_HBALLEGATIONS_REL_CHRN and SCH_HBALLEGATIONS_REL_OTHR have been updated to align with the CRDC site specifications. This ensures a seamless data submission process without any upload errors.


All States: CRDC Report 2021-2022 - Updated list of states that can utilize the report

2021-2022 CRDC Report Version: 1.1

The 2021-2022 CRDC report description (on the System Reports tab) has been updated and now reflects the list of states that can utilize the report. The list of states includes the following:


This report is only applicable to states in the US. Canadian provinces or customers in other countries do not need to run this report.


All States: HepatitisB Compliance Statement Update

The compliance statement for the third dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine has been revised to indicate non-compliance if the third dose is given before 52 days (with a grace period) of the second dose.


New 4+ Senior Field and Updated Graduate Data Collection Tab

Updates to the Graduate Data tab for Iowa state/compliance reporting are now available to support new functionality for high school seniors requiring more than four years to graduate.

  • Moved the existing High School Graduation Date field so that it appears directly before D0550 - Diploma.

  • Created a new 4+ Senior field in the Iowa extension of students: S_IA_STU_X.FourPlusSenior.

  • The field appears with a checkbox directly below High School Graduation Date with the following on-screen text: “Select the 4+ Senior checkbox if the student is a senior requiring more than four years to graduate. Uncheck this box once it is confirmed the student will be graduating.”

  • In addition, on-screen text related to scheduling settings and the end of year process is provided along with a hyperlink to the student Scheduling Settings page: “Scheduling Settings need to be adjusted for 4+ Seniors. Click here to set the Next School as the high school and Next Year Grade as 12.”

  • When the 4+ Senior field is checked, any values set in the graduate data fields are cleared, re-set to their defaults and displayed as read-only:

    • High School Graduation Date

    • D0550 - Diploma

    • D0555 - Extracurricular Activities

    • D0557 - Paying Job

    • D0560 - Post-Graduate Location

    • D0570 - Post-Graduate Intended Educational/Occupational Plans

  • When the 4+ Senior field is unchecked, the above fields display in the normal manner and can be edited.

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