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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Digital Equity & Learning preferences - UI Update

The NY Digital Equity & Learning preferences page has been updated to support the common PowerSchool localization.


All States/Provinces: Discipline Incident Letter - Smart Pronoun Tag Update

Discipline Incident Letter Report Version 1.1

The Discipline Incident Letter report functionality has been updated and now honors all smart pronoun tags.


All States/Provinces: Discipline Incident Letter Does Not Complete When There Are Large Number of Incidents

Discipline Incident Letters Version: 1.1

The Discipline Incident Letter report runs successfully.


All States/Provinces: Grade Level Immunization Compliance Mapping

For districts using LTK (Language Tool Kit) functionality to rename grade levels, a new UI screen is now available which will allow these renamed grade levels to be mapped to a native grade level value for immunization compliance calculations.

By mapping a renamed grade level to a native grade level, the immunization rules engine will consider that student as being the mapped grade level value when immunization compliance is determined.


All States/Provinces: System/Compliance Reports

SRP reports (reports with the icon to the left of the name), on the System Reports page, have been updated and can now be “favorited” in the Enhanced UI.

The minimum Core version for this to work is PS_23.11.0.0


Discipline Log Entries: New Incident Reporter Field

New fields are now available in Log Entries to capture the Discipline Incident Reporter for use in Panorama. A new Incident Reporter panel displays just below the Victims panel. A single reporter per incident can be entered. The Iowa SMP will be updated to publish this element to Cedar Connect in a subsequent release. Note: this element is not reported for SRI.

Click Add Reporter to enter the person reporting the incident.

  • First, select the Reporter Type:

    • (1) Staff

    • (2) Student

    • (3) Other

  • If Student is selected, begin typing the student’s name in the search box.

    • By default, only students actively enrolled in the school are displayed.

    • Select Include Inactive Students if needed.

    • To include students from other schools, select Search District-Wide.

    • The search can also be limited to a grade level.

    • After a student is selected, the student’s local number, name, grade level, and school are displayed.

    • The Student DCID from the Students table is saved when the record is submitted.

  • If Staff is selected, begin typing the staff member’s name in the search box.

    • By default, only staff members assigned to the school are displayed.

    • To include staff at other schools, select “Search District-Wide.”

    • After a staff member is selected, the Staff number and name are displayed.

    • The UserID from the Users table is saved when the record is submitted.

    • If Other is selected, no further data entry is required and the record can be submitted.


Update for Read-Only Access Field Level Security for IEP Level

When field-level security was enabled for the IEP Level field, the dropdown list displayed incorrectly for users with read-only access. The list displayed all of the dropdown list codes instead of just the selected code. This issue has been corrected on all pages where the IEP Level appears including the Enrollment Functions, Current and Previous Enrollments, and the Iowa Programs tab.


Updates for ISASP Extract

Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress Extract (ISASP): Version 23.10.2

Updates for the ISASP data collection and extract are now available to support changes for the 2023-24 school year.

  • Data Collection

    • Speech-to-Text has been added to the Iowa Testing page as a new accommodation under the ISASP Accommodations and Designated Supports panel.

    • Speech-to-Text is available for all grade levels for Reading and Language Arts, as well as grades 5, 8, and 10 for Science. This accommodation does not apply to Math.

    • The field is set as Disabled (default), which is the equivalent of blank. Set the dropdown list to (1) Enabled if applicable to the student.

  • ISASP Extract

    • Attending Organization (ATT_ORG):  The 4 digit district code + 4 digit school code

      • The source fields for the district number portion of this element have been updated to extract the first non-blank value identified using this hierarchy:

        • District Number Override in School Info

        • D0203 - Attending District in Iowa Enrollment

        • Otherwise, the District Number in District Info

      • The school number portion of this element is sourced from:

        • K0030 - School Number (Override) in Iowa Enrollment

        • Otherwise, the SIF StatePrId field in School Info

    • ESA Tracking (ESA_TRACKING): This new element is sourced from D0100 ESA Funded for students identified as attending a non-public school funded by an education savings account.

    • Speech to Text (SST): If set to (1) Enabled on the Iowa Testing tab, this new accommodation is output for test codes LA03-LA11, RD03-RD11, SC05, SC08, and SC10. The output for test codes MA03-MA11 is always blank.

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