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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates. 



Release Note

PSSR-309568All States/Provinces: ReportWorks Startup Time Update

The ReportWorks/SRP config files have now been modified to be called only through the re-initialization cycle. This improves the SRP startup times and avoids previously reported failures.

PSSR-311828All States/Provinces: State Validation Tab Visible for All States

The State Validation tab that was introduced in SR 22.12.2 in error is now removed from the System Reports area of PowerSchool.

PSSR-308481All States/Provinces: Student Incident Profile Report Update

Incident Profile Report: Version 1.3

The Incident Profile report has been updated and no longer duplicates incident data.

PSSR-283060Iowa Enrollment Enhancements

Two new features are now available to support the accuracy of student enrollments for Iowa state reporting.

  • When the Create New School Enrollment function is used at the District Office to end one period of school enrollment and begin another, the PowerSchool Full Time Equivalency is no longer left blank. The Full Time Equivalency populates with the same FTE ID as in the student's prior enrollment. If multiple FTEs are defined for the student's school, the user can select a different Full Time Equivalency as needed.
  • When using the Enroll Student page at a school, the Iowa FTE field (D0495 - IA FTE) is now defaulted and saved in the database with a value of 1 for students in all grade levels except PK. The user can edit the value to input a different IA FTE if needed. When enrolling a new student in grade level PK (-1 or below), the user must enter the IA FTE.
PSSR-311405SIF Dashboard Error

In a previous update, the SIF Dashboard started displaying the message: “DEX Disabled. Key and Secret have not been entered and no publishing will occur.” This is an invalid message for the SIF Dashboard and has been removed.

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