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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-305804Iowa Error Check Improvements

The following updates are now available in Iowa Error Checks under State Reports.

  • Courses and Sections
    • The error checks for Invalid SCED Code, Invalid Common Course Number (C0025), and Invalid Course FTE for Supplementary Weighting (C0130) now include only courses actively assigned to a school in the selected school year that have sections with students assigned.
    • When viewed from a school login, school-level users see only the courses/sections for that school.
  • Student Enrollment
    • The No Scheduled Classes error no longer displays for students who do not require a class schedule based on the selected value for D0244 - CPI Dual Enrollment in the current or previous enrollment record.
    • Students are now excluded from this error check based on CPI Dual Enrollment values of:
      • (2) Extracurricular Activities
      • (4) Testing only
      • (5) Special Education support services only
  • Log Entries
    • The Missing Behavior Incident Number error is updated to display only if Action Taken in the record is a removal with codes of 1-6 (S_IA_LOG_X.Action_Taken).
    • The corresponding validation on the Log Entries page is updated with the same change.
PSSR-304549New District Number Override for Diocese Schools and State ID Request Update

State ID Request: Version 22.11.1

  • A new field is now available in the Iowa extension of the Schools table: S_IA_SCH_X.District_Number_Override.
    • The new field appears under the Other Information panel at the bottom of the Schools/School Info page with the following on-screen text: "This override is intended only for non-public schools within a Diocese comprised of schools with multiple district numbers."
    • The new field allows each school within a diocese to specify its four-character district number based on the geographic location of the school.
    • Iowa public schools should leave this field blank.
  • The Student State ID Request report has also been modified to consider this District Number Override when outputting the value for D0203 Attending District. Schools no longer need to use the student-level Attending District override field on the Iowa Enrollment tab.
    • The ID Request report extracts from the first non-NULL source identified in this hierarchy.
    • S_IA_STU_X.Attending_District (if populated)
    • S_IA_SCH_X,District_Number_Override for the student's current school of enrollment (if populated)
    • Otherwise, the District Number in the Prefs table.
  • Iowa SIF reporting will also be modified in an upcoming release to reference the new source field as needed.
PSSR-305246Section Expression Checkmarks Display as Expected on Edit Sections Page

Edit Section page is now updated so that the section expression checkmarks are displayed and retained as expected. The user can submit the page without having to re-select the checkmarks.

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