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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-272159Additional 2021-22 Iowa DOE Code Table Updates

New codes have been added to the Institution Providing Section (C0050) and Destination Location (D0225) codesets to support 2021-22 SRI reporting.

  • Institution Providing Section (C0050): Courses and Stored Grades
    • New codes
      • (373085) Ross College
      • (450499) Shiloh University
    • Updated codes
      • (260901): change from "Kaplan University" to "Purdue University Global"
      • (154518): change from "Waldorf College" to "Waldorf University"
      • (154013): change from "Mount Mercy College" to "Mount Mercy University"
      • (153375): change from "Grand View College" to "Grand View University"
  • Destination Location (D0225) when D0224 - Destination Code = (2) IA accredited nonpublic school.
    • New codes
      • (17378014) Joshua Christian Academy
      • (05858107) Marquette Catholic Elementary
    • Updated codes
      • (10538117): change from "St. Jude Center" to "LaSalle Catholic Elementary School"
      • (10538217): change from "LaSalle Middle School" to "LaSalle Catholic Middle School"
      • (18638126): change from "St Anthony School" to "Our Lady of Guadalupe"
      • (18638136): change from "Resurrection School" to "Resurrection Elementary"
PSSR-272145Updated Data Collection for Therapeutic Program Referrals

The Therapeutic Program/Classroom Referral fields previously added to the Enrollment tab and to the Transfer Info pages have been removed. This data collection is now located on a new Therapeutic Referrals tab under the State/Province - IA link and will be used to calculate (D0097) Therapeutic Program Referrals: the number of times the student was referred to a Therapeutic Program/Classroom this school year.

  • New child table of Students: S_IA_STU_THER_REF_C
    • Referral Date (required): Therapeutic_Ref_Date
    • Comments (optional, 250 characters): Comments
  • Create a new record each time the student is referred to a Therapeutic Program or Classroom. Each date must be unique and cannot duplicate the date in another record.
  • An automated script executes when the state reporting installer is installed to create records in the new table based on records in current and previous enrollments where the prior Therapeutic Referral field was set to 1/Yes.
  • In the next Iowa SMP release, StudentSchoolEnrollment will be updated to use the new data source.
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