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S_IA_STU_SIF_X (ver 17.2.0)

This table is an extension of the Students table, and holds Iowa-specific fields used for reporting via SIF.

Column Name


Data Type





System generated primary key.

SIF_Adjusted_GPA17.2.0DoubleThe student's adjusted GPA. Migrated from [Students]IA_SIFRAIAdjustedGPA.
SIF_Class_Rank17.2.0Number(11,0)The student's rank in class. Migrated from [Students]IA_SIFNonWeightedClassRank.
SIF_Cumulative_Summary17.2.0Varchar2(30)The student's cumulative summary. Migrated from [Students]IA_SIFCumulativeSummary.
SIF_Cumulative_GPA17.2.0DoubleThe student's cumulative GPA. Migrated from [Students]IA_SIFCumWeightedGPA.
SIF_Days_Enrolled17.2.0DoubleThe number of days the student was enrolled. Migrated from [Students]IA_SIFDaysEnrolled.
SIF_Days_Present17.2.0DoubleThe number of days the student was present. Migrated from [Students]IA_SIFDaysPresent.
SIF_Excessive_GPA17.2.0Number(1,0)Indicates excessive GPA. Migrated from [Students]SIF_Excessive_GPA.
SIF_Non_Weighted_GPA17.2.0DoubleThe student's non-weighted GPA. Migrated from [Students]IA_SIFNonWeightedGPA
SIF_Total_Number_Class17.2.0Number(11,0)The total number of students in the class for Class Rank. Migrated from [Students]IA_SIFTotalNumberClass.
SIF_Weighted_Class_Rank17.2.0DoubleThe student's weighted class rank. Migrated from [Students]IA_SIFWeightedClassRank.
State_Not_Complete_Reason17.2.0Varchar2(30)The state not complete reason. Migrated from [Students]IA_State_NotCompleteReason.
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