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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2024 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States: CDC Varicella Immunization Policy Update

The Varicella CDC policy has been updated to be considered valid if the 2nd dose was given after a minimum of 4 weeks of the 1st dose.


All States: CRDC Column Header Update

2021-2022 CRDC Report: Version 1.1

The column headers for SCH_HBALLEGATIONS_REL_CHRN and SCH_HBALLEGATIONS_REL_OTHR have been updated to align with the CRDC site specifications. This ensures a seamless data submission process without any upload errors.


All States: CRDC Report 2021-2022 - Updated list of states that can utilize the report

2021-2022 CRDC Report Version: 1.1

The 2021-2022 CRDC report description (on the System Reports tab) has been updated and now reflects the list of states that can utilize the report. That list of states is below:


Note: This report is only applicable to states in the US. Canadian provinces or customers in other countries do not need to run this report.


All States: HepatitisB Compliance Statement Update

The compliance statement for the 3rd dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine has been revised to indicate non-compliant if the 3rd dose is given before 52 days (with a grace period) of the 2nd dose.


CRDC 2021-22: Adaption of Common Implementation (Report)

The common CRDC 2021-22 report is now available on the state reports page.


Ed-Fi: CourseTranscript Not Honoring Exclude From Student Class

When a grade is marked as Exclude From Student Class in the Historical Grades page that grade will not publish as part of CourseTranscript.


Ed-Fi: Update for Student Program Associations

Student Program Associations has been updated to publish only programs that are marked as state reportable.


Ed-Fi: Update to Student Special Education Program Associations

Element Reason Exit Descriptor has been removed from Student Special Education Program Associations.


Modify logic for Event Date and Event Code in FTE-3 report for March reporting

When generating the FTE-3 report for the March submission, the columns Event Date and Event Code should be populated if applicable to the students being reported in the March Cycle. Data source remains the same as for the FTE-1 cycle in October.

  • Modify report parameter “Previous Year FTE date Used for Cycle 1 (October)” to “Previous FTE date”. To the right of the date field, display the following message “Enter Previous Year FTE date when generating Cycle 1, enter Current Year October FTE date when generating Cycle 3“. This will assist the user to provide the correct date.

  • Event Code is populated if the student exited special education between the Previous FTE date and the Current FTE date.

  • This Event Code value is reported if the student has an Event Code of 09 (Special Education Exit), 10 (Parent Revoked Consent), or 13 (District verified that the student was incorrectly reported as SWD in a prior year) via Start Page > Student > State/Province – GA > Special Education (G01) > Special Education Activity.

  • The value on the student’s Special Education Information page is used when both a Special Education Exit Code and Special Education Exit Date are entered, and no Special Education event of code 09, 10, or 13 is found as described above. Special Education Exit Codes other than 9, 10, or 13 are reported as 09.

  • Event date is the date the student exited special education, if applicable. The event date is within the date range specified by the Previous Year FTE date and the Current FTE date-1 count date.


Update State Report Participants file.

When a user selects "EOG" for “Test to be administered" field in the Participants file, the system includes students who are in Grades K to 2.

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