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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 Provincial Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-230981Update Georgia Longitudinal Data System Page to Support Connection to New SLDS Authentication Server

The GA DOE is moving to new servers, which impacts PowerSchool's ability to add SSO to the Georgia LDS and its authentication servers. As a result, the links for the Georgia LDS and for the metadata need to be updated to point to the new servers.

With release, the left navigation links now point to instead of, and the existing Georgia LDS SAML Metadata URL value is updated to point to the metadata on the server.

When updating to this release, districts may need to provide GA DOE with a new copy of their certificate so that the new GA servers will accept SSO from PowerSchool to the new Georgia LDS site.

Note: This change is utilizing a page fragment to update the left navigation links in the Admin, Teacher, and Public portal. If the link is not updating, a customized version of one of the following may be impacting the updating of the link:

  • \web_root\wildcards\admin_nav_menu_left.txt
  • \web_root\wildcards\admin_nav_menu_left_css.txt
  • \web_root\wildcards\guardian_header.txt
  • \web_root\wildcards\guardian_header_yui.txt
  • \web_root\wildcards\sm_psteacher_content.txt
  • \web_root\wildcards\teachers_nav_css.txt
  • \web_root\wildcards\teachers_nav_gel_buttons.txt

For more information, see in the PowerSchool SIS Georgia Online Help.

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