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S_GA_LOG_X (ver 14.9.3)

This table is an extension of the [LOG] table.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary key that relates the extended table back to the Log table.

DataType16.6.0Varchar2(1)Indicates if the discipline event is complete in one record (containing a single incident and action), or if there are multiple records due to multiple incidents or multiple actions for the single discipline event. Migrated from LOG.GA_DataType.
DisciplineAuxCode16.6.0Varchar2(4)Indicates an auxiliary code depending on the Action Taken Detail. The aux code may be a number of days, a pre-defined value, or a school number. Migrated from LOG.GA_Disc_AuxCode.
DisciplineProcess16.6.0Varchar2(2)Identifies the process a student goes through when certain actions are reported. Valid values include tribunal/hearing, waiver or neither. Migrated from LOG.GA_Discipline_Process.
EventIdentifier16.6.0Varchar2(4)Indicates a unique event. Its use is to link multiple students to the single event. Migrated from LOG.GA_EventIdentifier.
Location16.6.0Varchar2(2)Indicates the location of the event using a pre-defined list of valid values. Migrated from LOG.GA_Location.
NumberOfDays14.9.3Number(25,10)Indicates the number of days to be reported for the logged action. Expected to be rounded to half days (0.5).
Services16.6.0Varchar2(1)Indicates of the student received educational services during the disciplinary action. Migrated from LOG.GA_Services.
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