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Field Set: GA State Virtual CTAE_Pathway

This field set was included with State Reporting Installer 17.6.0 released on June 29, 2017.

Source Table (Virtual Table)

Source Field

Destination Table (Extended Schema)

Destination Field

CTAE_Pathway unique_ID S_GA_CTAE_Pathway_S unique_ID
 CTAE_Pathway schoolID  S_GA_CTAE_Pathway_S schoolID
 CTAE_Pathway foreignKey  S_GA_CTAE_Pathway_S foreignKey
 CTAE_Pathway foreignKey_alpha  S_GA_CTAE_Pathway_S foreignKey_alpha
 CTAE_Pathway user_defined_integer  S_GA_CTAE_Pathway_S SortOrder
 CTAE_Pathway user_defined_text  S_GA_CTAE_Pathway_S PathName
 CTAE_Pathway user_defined_text2  S_GA_CTAE_Pathway_S PathCode
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