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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-259988All States/Provinces: Minimum PowerSchool Version for State Reporting - minimum supported version on PowerSchool SIS State/Provincial Reporting installer is updated. This can now be installed on PowerSchool SIS or later. For details refer PowerSchool SIS – Supported PowerSchool Versions.
PSSR-269849All States/Provinces: Contact Relationship Details Enterprise Report Update

Additional Reference: PSSR-270776, PSSR-260290

Contact Relationship Details (Enterprise Report): Version 2.0

Updated the Contact Relationship Details Enterprise report with the following changes:

  • Corrected issue where phone, email, or address might not display when there is data in the contact’s record.
  • Added second email address.
  • Added many new student fields, including Track, legal name, legal gender, and guardian alert.
  • Added all fields from the PersonCoreFields table.
  • Added field-level security (FLS) support to all supported student and contact fields.
  • Other design enhancements have been made, including a reset button and full-screen button.
PSSR-258130All States/Provinces: Contact Tracing Report Update - Attendance Data

Student Contact Tracing Report: Version 1.4

The Contact Tracing report has been updated and now pulls attendance data based on a newly added report parameter. When this parameter is selected, the attendance for the selected students will be reported by Day/Period (depending on if the default for the student’s FTE is meeting or daily attendance).

PSSR-270782All States/Provinces: Yearly Medication Inventory Report Update

Yearly Medication Inventory Report: Version 1.2

The yearly Medication Inventory Report is updated and will no longer pull invalid inventory records that result in a negative inventory value.

PSSR-270337CRDC 20-21 Data Collection Updates

The following new data collection and updates for the 20-21 submission are added to the CRDC screens:

  • The Schools/School Info CRDC screen is updated to:
    • Allow for aggregate entry of sexual assault or rape Offenses involving staff members (Optional for the 2020-2021 collection)
    • Allow for aggregate entry of Staff and Security Staff FTE counts
  • The Courses and Sections CRDC screens are updated to no longer allow an AP category of 'OT - Other' to be selected.
  • Data elements no longer collected for the 20-21 submission are moved to a deprecated field section at the bottom of the respective CRDC screens.

These new data fields and changes are applicable to states that have implemented Common CRDC pages. States having state-specific CRDC pages overriding the Common CRDC page will have their state-specific pages updated in a future release.

PSSR-270336Field Tracking Updates

You can now edit the effective date of the most recent record till the current date.

PSSR-271501Public School Information System (PSIS) Data Collection Updates

Title I Services is now available on Add/Edit Section and Courses page.

PSSR-271497Public School Information System (PSIS) Data Collection Updates

Title I Program Type field is now available on Add/Edt School page.

PSSR-271659Public School Information System (PSIS) Report Updates

Public School Information System (PSIS) report is now updated with three New columns for Title 1 Participations, Title I Program Type, Truant. The data is now available for the columns Title 1 Participations and Title I Program Type.

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