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S_CT_STU_Demographics_X (ver 15.7.0)

This table is an extension of the [Students] table.

Column Name


Data Type




Number (10,0)

Primary key that relates the extended table back to the [Students] table.



VarChar2 (4)

The student's generational name suffix such as Jr, II etc. Migrates from [Students]CT_Generation_Suffix.
GiftedTalented15.7.3VarChar2 (2)Code indicating student's gifted/talented status if applicable. Migrates from [Students]CT_Gifted_Talented.
Homeless15.7.3VarChar2 (2)Code indicating the students homeless status or living arrangements. Migrates from [Students]CT_Homeless.
Migrant15.7.3VarChar2 (1)Indicates whether or not a student qualifies as a migrant. Migrates from [Students]CT_Migrant.
MothersMaidenName15.7.3VarChar2 (35)The student's mother's maiden name. Migrates from [Students]CT_Mothers_Maiden_Name.
ResidentTown15.7.3VarChar2 (3)The town that is fiscally responsible for this student. Migrates from [Students]CT_Resident_Town.
TitleIStudent15.7.3VarChar2 (1)Indicates if this student participates in a Title I program in this school. Migrates from [Students]CT_TitleI_Stu.
TownOfBirth15.7.3VarChar2 (50)City or town where the student was born. Migrates from [Students]CT_Town_Of_Birth.
UnaccompaniedYouth15.7.3VarChar2 (1)Indicates whether or not a homeless student is classified as an unaccompanied youth. Migrates from [Students]CT_Un_Aaccompanied_Youth.
BirthGender15.7.0VarChar2 (2)The gender of the student at birth.
BirthLastName15.7.0VarChar2 (50)The last name given to the student at birth.
BirthFirstName15.7.0VarChar2 (50)The first name given to the student at birth.
BirthMiddleName15.7.0VarChar2 (30)The Middle name given to the student at birth.
TitleIProgramType21.10.2.0VarChar2 (2)This is an override field if the value for Title 1 Program Type is not retrieved from the school level. New field at the student level under the Title 1 tab to collect the information for the Title 1 program type

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