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S_CT_SCH_X (ver 15.7.3)

This table is an extension of the [Schools] table.

Column Name


Data Type




Number (10,0)

Primary key that relates the extended table back to the [Schools] table.



VarChar2 (1)

Indicates whether or not Title I family literacy programs are conducted at the school. Migrates from [Schools]CT_Fam_Lit_Prog.
FTEStaff15.7.3VarChar2 (3)The number of individuals who fit into the designated Title I staffing categories. Migrates from [Schools]CT_FTE_Staff.
HighestGradeUsingStandards15.7.3VarChar2 (3)The highest grade level for students subject to Standards Grades for this school. Migrates from [Schools]CT_GradeUsingStandard.
InstructionalProgram15.7.3VarChar2 (1)Indicates if Title I extended time instructional programs are conducted at the school, including before or after school, weekend, and summer programs. Migrates from [Schools]CT_Instuct_Prog.
PreKDaysPerYear15.7.3VarChar2 (3)Default number of Pre-Kindergarten program days per year. Migrates from [Schools]CT_PreK_Days_Per_Year.


VarChar2 (5)Default Length of the Pre-Kindergarten program day in hours. Migrates from [Schools]CT_PreK_Hours_Per_Day.
UseMarkingPeriodDates16.6.2VarChar2(1)Y or N - This School should use marking period dates (TermBins table) for reporting Final Grade in TCS Report
Outplacement_school17.2.0VarChar2(1)Indicates whether or not the school is an outplacement school. Migrated from:[Schools]CT_Outplacement_school
SchoolTitleOneProgram21.8.2VarChar2(2)Indicates Title One Program Type at School level.

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