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Enrolled at No Expense Codes

Choose the Enrolled at No Local Expense code for this student from the following options.




No-nexus child residing on state-owned or leased property, or in a permanent family residence, who is receiving special education and for whom you receive 100% funding pursuant to C.G.S. Section 10–76d(e)(3) or 10–76g(a)(2). No longer Collected.


Student whose educational costs are funded entirely with non-local funds, including:

Students whose educational expenses are being funded by one of Connecticut's Native American Tribes.

Students from out of state who pay tuition.


Students whose parents are paying for any portion (up to and including all) of their educational costs, regardless of how small the fee/tuition.


Use this code to identify any students attending a magnet school where all of the following apply:

The Resident Town has no record/enrollment for the student.

The Resident Town has not agreement to send students to the magnet school.

There is no tuition/fee for the Resident Town.


Use this code to identify any students whose educational costs are fully funded by federal grant monies, with no local contribution including in-kind.

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