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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Lunch History Functionality - Null Value Update

The Lunch History functionality has been updated and now, when a student’s lunch value is set to blank/null, a history record will be created as expected and will not trigger “nullpointerexception” errors in the system log.


2023-2024 - Update to Student Pages

New updates will reflect in the following path/pages:

  • Current Enrollment, Previous Enrollment, Transfer Student Out, and New Enrollment

    • Exit Code

      • Added two New Exit Codes and updated the description of one Exit Code.

  • Current, Previous Enrollment, and New Enrollment pages

    • Status for Public School Finance Act Funding

      • Updated description of few options and disabled description for some options.

  • State/Province - CO page and Previous Enrollment page

    • Gifted tab

      • Updated labels on fields on this Tab

  • State/Province - CO page

    • CO - Demographics tab

      • Updated one option in the Non-School Programs Field

    • Post-Secondary Enrollment tab and Previous Enrollment page

      • Disabled one option in Post Secondary Program and added 3 new options in all the 5 occurrences on page.


2023-2024 - Update to Student Pages

New updates will reflect in the following path/pages:

  • Path: Start Page > Student Selection > Lunch

    • Added new Drop-down field

  • Path: Start Page > Student Selection > Colorado State Information > Special Ed

    • Disabled one option from Primary Disability Field.


Graduation Guidelines -Report Changes (version 2.0)

AAF Test added to NextGen and Accuplacer in CDE Graduation Guideline Test field. All 8 values of scores are displayed in the report for new tests created using Accuplacer as CDE Graduation Guideline Test.

Note: If records are created for students in NextGen and Accuplacer test scores, two records corresponding to scores for each category (AAF, ANR, and so on) will appear in the report extract.


New UI changes to tests and test scores

The following changes have been made to test and test scores:

  1. Added new value “(13)-Accuplacer” to CDE Graduation Guideline Test field in New/edit tests page.

  2. Added new value “10-Advanced Algebra and Function” to CDE Graduation Guideline Benchmark field in New/edit scores page (new value appears for the new category of Accuplacer and NextGen in graduation guideline test field).

  3. All 8 values are available in the benchmark field when “(13)-Accuplacer” is selected in the Graduation Guideline Test field.


Non-Binary Option Listed in Gender and Legal Gender Drop-down List

The non-Binary option is listed in the Gender and Legal Gender drop-down list.

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