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READ Status Codes

The following READ status codes must be populated at the student level. Codes no longer used by the CDE are listed in italics.




Not Applicable – Student Read Test is:

04 - Exemption: English Language Learner (designated Non-English Proficient and new to a US school)

05 - Exemption: Special Education (unable to access test with an accommodation and student was not CoAlt eligible)


Student does not have a significant reading deficiency


Student has a significant reading deficiency


3rd grade student took CoAlt or K-2 student eligible to take CoAlt (determined locally)


ELL assessed with one of the interim assessments (score reflects a significant reading deficiency), but the student does not have a significant reading deficiency based on other ELD data (determined locally) and/or ACCESS scores


Student not tested for reasons of attendance which may include part-time attendance students who did not receive reading instruction during attendance at school, and students not tested due to illness, discipline, late enrollment, etc.


Student met fall grade level competency definition

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