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S_AZ_STU_X (ver 14.10.1)

This is an extension of the Students table.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary Key.

ATT_ProcByMin15.8.0Number(11,0)Legacy SAIS reporting field. Migrated from [Students.AZ_SAIS_ATT_ProcByMin].
ConcurrentSchoolID15.8.0Varchar2(9)The ID of the school the student attends concurrently with (at the same time as) the current school. Migrated from [Students.AZ_SAIS_ConcurrentSchoolID].
ConcurrentStudentID15.8.0Varchar2(15)The ID assigned to the student by the concurrent school. Migrated from [Students.AZ_SAIS_ConcurrentStudentID].
CountryBirthCode15.8.0Varchar2(5)The student’s country of birth. Migrated from [Students.AZ_SAIS_CountryBirthCode].
EntityID_Ovr15.8.0Varchar2(10)Override for Schools EntityId for tuitioned-out students.
FirstAcquiredLanguage19.2.0Varchar(2)The language that the student first acquired
FirstAZSchooling17.9.0DateInitial enrollment date in an Arizona school or preschool.
ForeignExchangeInd15.8.0Varchar2(1)Legacy SAIS reporting field. Migrated from [Students.AZ_SAIS_ForeignExchangeInd].
Gifted14.10.1Varchar2(1)Indicates that the student is gifted.
HomeLanguageCode15.8.0Varchar2(5)The student’s home language. Migrated from [Students.AZ_SAIS_HomeLanguageCode].
JTED_Concurrent_CTDS15.8.0Varchar2(9)The County Code-Type Code-District Code-Site Number (CTDS) of the student’s concurrent school. Migrated from [Students.JTED_Concurrent_CTDS].
JTED_Indicator15.8.0Varchar2(1)Indicates the student should be included in JTED reports. Migrated from [Students.JTED_Indicator].
JTED_School_CTDS15.8.0Varchar2(9)The County Code-Type Code-District Code-Site Number (CTDS) of the student’s JTED school. Migrated from [Students.JTED_School_CTDS].
JTED_TuitionPayer21.6.1Number(10,0)The student's JTED Satellite Tuition Payer
LastNameBirth15.8.0Varchar2(75)The last name the student goes by. This may be the same as Last Name on Legal Document. Migrated from [Students.AZ_SAIS_LastNameBirth].
LEP14.10.1Varchar2(1)Indicates that the student is LEP.
LEPPrograms14.10.1Varchar2(1)Indicates that the student is enrolled in an LEP program.
NormalGraduationYear15.8.0Varchar2(10)The student’s expected year of graduation. Migrated from [Students.AZ_SAIS_NormalGraduationYear].
OthTribalAffiliation19.3.0Varchar(250)The student's tribal affiliation.
ParentMilitaryStatus16.2.2Varchar2(5)The student's parent in military status.
PreviousLEA15.8.0Varchar2(80)The name of the district or Charter School the student attended in the previous school year OR the ISEP / Non-ISEP data if applicable. Migrated from [Students.AZ_PreviousLEA].
PreviousSchoolID15.8.0Varchar2(9)The CTDS of the school the student previously attended. Migrated from [Students.AZ_SAIS_PreviousSchoolID].
PreviousStateCode15.8.0Varchar2(5)The state in which the student previously attended school, if applicable. Migrated from [Students.AZ_SAIS_PreviousStateCode].
PreviousStudentID15.8.0Varchar2(15)The student’s identifier, assigned by their previous school, if applicable. Migrated from [Students.AZ_SAIS_PreviousStudentID].
PrvDistSchEntity20.4.4.0Varchar2(60)The student's previous District School's Entity Id.




Indicates that the student is SpecialEd.

SpecialEd504Only14.10.1Varchar2(1)Is this student SpecialEd 504 only?
SpokenLanguage19.2.0Varchar(2)Language most often spoken by the student
StateBirthCode15.8.0Varchar2(5)The student’s state of birth. Migrated from [Students.AZ_SAIS_StateBirthCode].
TribalAffiliation19.3.0Varchar(25)The student's tribal affiliation.
TribalName15.8.0Varchar2(20)The student’s tribal name. Migrated from [Students.AZ_SAIS_TribalName].
UngradedElementary21.9.2Varchar2(1)Designates a K aged student receiving Group B SPED services.
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