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S_AZ_CRS_X (ver 14.3.0)

This is an extension of the Courses table.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary Key 

CCLCProgramCourse18.6.0Number(1,0)21st CCLC Program Course. Indicates that this course is used in reporting CCLC Program Attendance records.
CIPProgramNumber17.10.0Varchar(20)The CIP Number for the vocational program.
ConcurEnroll15.8.0Varchar2(1)Indicates the section is a college course attended by students prior to high school graduation for which they are not receiving high school credit. Migrated from [Courses.AZ_ConcurEnroll].




The total number of minutes of instructional time for the course.

CourseLevel15.8.0Varchar2(10) ..........An indication of the level of rigor in a course. Migrated from [Courses.AZ_CourseLevel].
CTECert15.8.0Varchar2(1)Indicates the course is part of a career or technical education program leading to a specific technical certification. Migrated from [Courses.AZ_CTECert].
DualCredit15.8.0Varchar2(1)Indicates if students enrolled in the course are concurrently enrolled in a post-secondary institution and receiving credit at both levels. Migrated from [Courses.AZ_DualCredit].
EOC_AssessmentCodeType16.7.1Varchar2(5)End of Course Assessment Code.
ExcludeSTC15.8.0Number(11,0)An indicator that the course is excluded from AZ Student-Teacher-Course Connection reports. Migrated from [Courses.AZ_ExcludeSTC].
HighGrade15.8.0Varchar2(2)Highest grade level of students either enrolled in the course or for which the course is targeted. Migrated from [Courses.AZ_HighGrade].
InstSet15.8.0Varchar2(10)The instructional setting for the course. Migrated from [Courses.AZ_InstSet].

Lowest grade level of students either enrolled in the course or for which the course is targeted. Migrated from [Courses.AZ_LowGrade].

MinutesPerWeek20.5.2.0Number(11,0)The total number of minutes per week for a course.
ReqGrad15.8.0Varchar2(1)This indicates the course is one of the required courses a student must take to meet graduation requirements. Migrated from [Courses.AZ_ReqGrad].
SequenceOfCourse17.4.0Number(11,0)The sequence of the course. Populate if the section or course is the 2nd+ part of a sequence of parts for a course.
StandardID15.8.0 ......Varchar2(20)Populated if using Standards instead of Traditional grades for the course. Migrated from [Courses.AZ_StandardID].
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