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CRDC School Setup (2020-2021)

The following data elements are required for CRDC school setup.

Data Element

Additional Information



School Setup > Scheduling: Sections > [select course] > [select section] > CRDC Section Information

Block Scheduled Class

Select the checkbox if this is a block scheduled class.

Note: Indicates a full-year course taken in one semester.


LEA Questions

DSED-1, DSED-2. Is this a distance education section?

Choose Yes or No if this is a distance education section.


School Questions

PENR-6. Is this a credit recovery section?

Choose Yes or No if this is a credit recovery section.


Classes in Mathematics and Science Courses

Choose Yes or No for the following:

  • Does this qualify as an Algebra I course? (COUR-1a/b to COUR-4a/b, COUR-6a/b, COUR-7a/b, COUR-8, COUR-9)

  • Does this qualify as a Geometry course? (COUR-8, COUR-9, COUR-9a)

  • Does this qualify as an Algebra II course?

  • Does this qualify as an Advanced Math course (trigonometry, elementary analysis, analytic geometry, statistics, precalculus, etc)? (COUR-8, COUR-9, COUR-9b)

  • Does this qualify as a Calculus course? (COUR-8, COUR-9, COUR-9c)

  • Does this qualify as a Biology course? (COUR-10, COUR-11a)

  • Does this qualify as a Chemistry course? (COUR-10, COUR-11b)

  • Does this qualify as a Physics course? (COUR-10, COUR-11c)

  • Does this qualify as a Computer Science course? (COUR-15, COUR-16, COUR-17)










COUR-12, COUR-13. Single-sex Classes

Which subject category does this fall under?

Choose the subject category that the class falls under.

  • (AG) Algebra or Geometry

  • (MT) Other Math

  • (SC) Science

  • (EN) English/Reading/Language Arts

  • (OT) Other Subject Area


Is this restricted to a single gender?

Choose one of the following options from the pop-up menu.

  • Not Restricted (Co-ed)

  • (M) Male Only

  • (F) Female Only


APIB-3 to APIB-12. Does this fall under a specific Advanced Placement (AP) subject area?

Choose the applicable subject area if this is an Advanced Placement (AP) course.

  • (MT) - AP Math

  • (SC) - AP Science

  • (CS) - AP Computer Science


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