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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-274229All States/Provinces: Attendance Page Error Logging Update

The meeting, clock-in/clock-out attendance page has been updated and will no longer throw the following error in the system log:

ORA-00936: Missing Expression

PSSR-270907All States/Provinces: Attendance Profile Report - Perfect Attendance Update

Attendance Profile Report: Version: 1.2
The Attendance Profile report now includes student’s that have blank attendance. Additionally, these students will display with the following message to alert end users as to why there is no attendance listed.

No attendance records have been entered for this student

PSSR-272625All States/Provinces: Security Updates to Certain HTML tags

It has been identified that certain html tags used in common compliance pages are a security vulnerability. Common compliance pages where these tags were used and all have been updated to address the security vulnerability.

PSSR-2726652021-22 NCEA Data Collection and Report Updates

NCEA Diocese Summary Report: Version 21.9.2
NCEA School Summary: Version 21.9.2
The following updates are now available to support the 2021-22 NCEA Databank Collection.

  • Count of PK Students: The count of PK students in the School Summary reports is updated so that it matches that of the Diocese Summary, and PK students are no longer bypassed in the totals for Section B2.
  • Title I and Free/Reduced Lunch Data Collection: Updated NCEA Guidance
    • The NCEA student page is updated to allow students to be marked as both Eligible for and Receiving Title I Services and Free/Reduced Lunch.
    • Review NCEA’s updated instructions for the School Summary Report Form on the NCEA 2021-2022 Data Collection web page.
    • Note that on the NCEA school page, the school must be marked as offering Title I and/or Free/Reduced Lunch in order for students to receive these services.
  • NCEA School Summary and Diocese Summary Report Updates
    • “Number of students who receive Title I services” and “Number of students who are eligible for Title I services”
      • If marked for both in PowerSchool, students are now included in both totals.
      • If the school does not offer Title I services, but students are marked as eligible, the count of eligible students is now output as expected.
    • “Number of students who receive free or reduced price lunch” and Number of students who are eligible for free or reduced price lunch”
      • If marked for both in PowerSchool, students are now included in both totals.
      • If the school does not offer Free/Reduced Lunch, but students are marked as eligible, the count of eligible students is now output as expected.
    • The school category for “Combined” is eliminated, and all schools are now reported in either the Elementary/Middle or Secondary categories based on the high grade level for the school
      • High grade for school < or = 9: Elementary/Middle
      • High grade for school > 9: Secondary
  • NCEA Diocese Summary Report: Initial Release for 2021-22
    • The updated Diocese Summary is available in both CSV and PDF formats.
    • The Diocese reports aggregate data from each school and provide totals by Elementary/Middle and Secondary categories, as well as overall totals where applicable.
    • The Diocese CSV data file has the same column layout as that of the school data file.
    • Each school is output in a single row, grouped by School Category: Elementary/Middle and then by Secondary.
    • Subtotals are provided for each category along with a grand total for the Diocese.
    • The Diocese PDF file provides these additional elements which do not appear in the CSV file. In some cases, these elements are entered on the NCEA Diocese page. In other cases, the totals are aggregated based on data entered on the NCEA School page.
      • E. Additional Information Section
        • Number of new schools that opened this year (Elementary and Secondary)
        • Number of schools that closed, consolidated or merged at end of last year (Elementary and Secondary)
        • Number of schools with a board, commission or council
        • Number of schools with a waiting list for any grade (Elementary and Secondary)
        • Number of schools with an extended day program
        • Number of students with a diagnosed disability from Local Education Agency
        • Number of schools offering an International Baccalaureate program
        • Number of international students with visas
        • Number of principals who led the same school both last year and this year (Elementary and Secondary)
        • Number of principals who led school last year who did not return in the Fall this year for reasons other than retirement (Elementary and Secondary)
      • Diocesan Education Office Information
        • Is there a designated person with these or equivalent titles?
        • Vicar for Education: Lay, Religious, or No
        • Superintendent: Lay, Religious, or No
        • Director of Religious Education, Lay, Religious, or No
          • If any of these positions are held by the same person, put a '1' in the appropriate box
          • Number of associate/assistant superintendents
        • Number of other professional staff
        • Number of support staff
  • NCEA Data On-line Documentation Links
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