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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


Contact Tracing Report - New

Contact Tracing Report: Version 1.0

A new Contact Tracing report is now available on the System Reports tab and can be run for a single student to identify other students and staff that the selected student might have had contact with. The report runs only at the district level.

Currently, the report pulls course enrollment data. In future releases, the report will be updated to pull data from other sources as well. For example, Discipline data, bussing data, attendance data.

PowerSchool recommends that you only run the report for a single student or a small selection of students due to the amount of data returned.

This report requires PowerSchool 20.4 or higher.

PSSR-246332Ed-Fi Framework: Publish Changes Functionality UpdateImplemented Publish Changes publishing option, which accounts for all the changes - adds, updates, deletes - and sends appropriate messages to ODS. For generic and Arizona state implementations replaced the Publish Missing option with Publish Changes in the publishing options available on the Ed-Fi dashboard.
PSSR-244113Ed-Fi Framework: Purge Processor Degraded Performance

The Ed-Fi Purge Processor has been enhanced to improve performance.

PSSR-244161Ed-Fi Framework: Records Not Processing When Previous Years Disabled

Filters are added to all the publishing steps to exclude the disabled years from publishing. This allows publishing for the enabled years to continue and not be interrupted by the disabled year's records.

PSSR-241949Ed-Fi Framework: UniqueID Publishing Performance ImprovementThe performance of publishing the UniqueID is improved by replacing GetCF function calls with a direct query to the Database Extension table and fields.
PSSR-245157Ed-Fi Framework: Updates to not retain successfully completed jobsUpdated the Ed-Fi framework so that upon successful completion, the records are deleted from the cst_pubPublishJob table immediately. Also, adjusted functionality to account for the new record structure. This reduces the activity on the busiest framework table and improves the performance of the publishing steps.
PSSR-229368Enterprise Reports Application 100 Report Update

The following Enterprise reports (Application 100) will not be installed for new customers or customers who have not upgraded to the State Reporting installer 19.11 or higher. For customers who have upgraded, there will be no impact. The reports released in application 100 will remain.

  • Contact Relationship Details – New
  • Current Grades – New
  • Course List - New
  • Student Demographics Plus – New
PSSR-245502Teacher Portal Restraint and Seclusion (Time Out) Update for PowerSchool 19.4 and 19.11If you are running PowerSchool 19.4 or 19.11, you will no longer receive an Error 500 message when trying to save a Restraint & Seclusion (Time Out in IL) record from the Teacher portal.
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